Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Baby Shower Games Out There

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Let’s be honest — even if you try and keep things simple, there’s a lot to take into account when you’re planning a baby shower. The finger foods, the favors … and of course, the baby shower games.

Entertaining guests ranging in age from newborn to 90 can be kind of intimidating. (Especially if you don’t know everyone on the guest list.) But even if you’re not a huge fan of games yourself, they play a pretty important role in bringing everyone together and getting them to mingle. And trust us, they don’t have to be lame. (We promise!)

Whether you’re looking for easy ice-breakers that require minimal prep and effort, or lively games for co-ed showers that’ll get the guys in on the action, too, we’ve got you covered. Scroll on for our complete guide to baby shower games.

Tried and True Games That Are Always a Hit

A print-out shows one of the game cards for the baby shower game "What's In Your Purse?"
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What’s in Your Purse?

This is one of those classic baby shower games that everyone seems to enjoy, no matter how many times they’ve played it. I mean, we’ve all got a ton of random stuff hidden in the depths of our purses — who wouldn’t want the chance to win a fabulous prize thanks to that lottery ticket they’ve been hanging on to since 2006?

Before the party, draft up a list of 40-50 items that guests can try and find in their purses, and be sure to print out plenty of copies. Assign point values to each item, increasing as the items get a little more creative. (For instance, you could give 1 point for having a license, but 30 points for a flat iron.) During the shower, you can call out the items to the group as they dig through their purses and mark what they have, or let guests fill out the form on their own, and ask for their tallies toward the end of the party before you declare a winner.

Don’t have time to draft up a pretty list before the party? Etsy has tons of printable lists available for this game — check out this one.

Baby Shower gift Bingo cards
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Baby Shower Bingo

Who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashioned game of Bingo? (No one, that’s who.) This game is pretty much a staple at most baby showers, and it’s no surprise why: it’s simple, fun, and easy to win.

Print out baby shower-themed Bingo playing cards like these ones from Party City, or make your own, and let guests play along as each gift is opened. (Trust us, it’s always a crowd pleaser.)

Easy Games That Don’t Require a Lot of Effort

Instructions for the baby shower game "Don't Say Baby" sit on a table in a gold frame
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Don’t Say Baby

This game is simple to play and easy to pull off at the last minute. (AKA the best kind!) For this game, give each guest a baby diaper pin to affix to his or her clothing and tell them that during the party, they can’t say the word “baby.” Whenever someone does, the first person who catches the slip gets to confiscate the pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the party wins.

As a reminder, you can also print out instructions to the game and place them in a pretty frame, either on the individual tables or on the welcome table when guests first enter the party. (Check out this sweet printable card from Etsy.)

My Baby Egg

At the beginning of the party, give each guest a raw or hard-boiled egg and explain that the egg is their “baby” for the day. Then hand out brightly-colored markers and pink or blue ribbons for guests to decorate their egg, draw on a happy face (or even a little egg “onesie”), and ask them to name their egg as they would their very own baby.

Guests can set the egg down, carry it with them throughout the party, or even ask others to “egg-sit” for a bit — but whatever they do, they have to be careful not to break or lose it by the end of the party. Whoever has managed to hang on to their egg — without any cracks! — by the end of the day’s festivities gets awarded a sweet prize.

A card for a diaper raffle game shows pretty succulent plants on one side, and directions for how to enter the game on the other.
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Diaper Raffle

How’s this for simple: This diaper raffle game gets underway before the shower even really starts. You can make up your own raffle drawing cards explaining the game (or purchase pre-made ones, like these cute options on Zazzle) and stick them in the shower invites to let guests know to bring a pack of diapers with them to the party. All they have to do is bring the diapers, write their name on the card, and pop it in a jar or basket you’ve set out on a table. At the end of the shower, conduct a quick drawing, announce a winner, and voila — you’re done!

A game card for the baby shower game "How Sweet It Is," which matches up various candy bars, is shown with pink flowers at the top.
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Candy Bar Match-Up Game

Warning: This game will bring out the sweet tooth in anyone, so you might want to hold it during dessert time.

To play, you can make up your own game cards or print out a version like this one from Etsy, which challenges guests to match up certain popular candies with pregnancy-related words that serve as clues.

Baby shower "predictions" game card has woodland animals at the top, and asks parents to guess the height, weight, etc. of the baby-to-be.
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Baby Shower Predictions

This one is less of a traditional “game” and more of a fun activity, but even still, guests will enjoy it and the parents-to-be will love it even more.

At the start of the shower, you can hand out printed cards to guests (like this one from Amazon) or place them on their seats, that ask them to fill out predictions for the baby-to-be — from their gender to their birth weight. They can also fill in a little message for the parents, which will serve as a sweet keepsake for the future.

The only catch with this game? It requires a good amount of patience — the winner won’t find out if they’ve won until the little guy (or girl!) has arrived; but you can award them their winnings after the fact.

Blue ice cube trays are filled with tiny plastic babies.
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My Water Broke

Before the shower, pop these adorable plastic babies into an ice cube tray, fill with water, and freeze them for a few hours. Once the shower starts, hand them out for guests to add to their drinks — whoever’s ice cube melts the fastest (and yells out, “MY WATER BROKE!”) wins. Really, it’s as simple as that.

Co-Ed Shower Games That Even the Guys Will Enjoy

Baby Duty Relay Race

Relay races are always fun, whether you’re a participant or standing on the side lines, cheering your friends on. Once the party is underway, set up a sign-up sheet for the relay race and announce the basic rules to the guests to see who’s interested in teaming up. Once you have enough players, set up the stations for your obstacle course. These can vary a little depending on space and players, so feel free to get creative!

If you have a lot of room or are holding your party in an outdoor space, you can set up multiple “obstacles” for players to get through, like swaddling a teddy bear with one hand, diapering a baby doll blindfolded, chugging a baby bottle full of milk (or beer!), and pushing a stroller filled to the brim with baby stuff to the finish line.

The goal is to challenge players but also keep things fun and easy enough for all ages to play. Trust us, everyone will definitely be entertained by the game’s end.

Baby food in jar with spoon, close-up
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Eat Up, Baby!

Divide players into games of two and have them line up across from each other. Then blindfold them both, and hand one team member a jar of baby food with a spoon to feed the other person. When everyone’s ready, announce the game’s start and watch as they all frantically (and hilariously) try to get through an entire jar of baby food the fastest — and inevitably miss a bunch of times. Whoever finishes with the fastest time (and the least amount of baby food on the floor) wins!

Dirty Diaper Toss

Don’t worry — the diapers aren’t actually dirty for this one. But they sure feel full!

To play, you can use a standard corn hole/bean bag toss game and just wrap each bean bag up in a diaper tightly. Have guests compete using the “dirty” diapers as they would with a normal bean bag toss. (Trust us, it’ll provide for some funny commentary.)

You could also buy baby shower-themed bean bags like these ones from Etsy, which feature little baby footprints on them and come in pink and blue for each team.

Pink bean bags featuring tiny white baby footprints on them.
Image Source: Etsy

(And check out these super cute crying baby decals you can put over your game boards!)

Baby Shower Charades playing cards from Party City.
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Baby Shower Charades

Split guests into teams of three or four members each, or have them play by party table and compete against the others. You can create your own index cards beforehand — listing out a variety of baby terms or phrases like layette, drool, baby bib, etc. — or, you can make things easier on yourself and purchase baby shower-themed charades cards that are already made for you. (Check out these ones from Party City.) Then set up a timer, and let the guests have their fun.

For more ideas, check out more co-ed baby shower games here.


DIY Activities That’ll Bring Out Your Guests’ Creative Side

Make-Your-Own Mini Baby

Using Play-Doh or some other form of clay or putty, guests can compete to see who can make the most “life-like” baby. (Okay, or just the most hilarious-looking one.)

You can time this game to see who creates the “best” baby within a certain time-frame and then have the parents-to-be (or the other party guests) vote on a winner. Or, you could let guests take their time molding the perfect baby throughout the party, and ask them to set their masterpieces out out on a table for guests to vote on later, anonymously.

Personalized Onesies or Baby T-Shirts

This activity is part crafting fun, part for the expectant parents. Lay out plain white baby T-shirts or onesies in various different sizes on a table, along with plenty of fabric paints and markers for guests to use. They can unleash their creativity in words, images, or both.

It might be a good idea to have a sample or two already created and out on the table, just to give guests some inspiration to start with. And to turn this craft into a game, simply have the parents-to-be decide which shirt they like best, and hand out a prize to the winning artiste.

(Pro tip: To keep the shirts from bleeding and to make the art surface steadier, slip the T-shirts over a piece of cardboard.)

Personalized Baby Quilt

This one does require some sewing (by either you, or someone you love), but the pay-off is pretty great.

Instead of personalizing outfits for the baby, cut out squares of fabric and have guests personalize each one with words, images, or both. The idea is basically the same as decorating the onesies, but the keepsake this will create is pretty amazing. Once the party is over and the quilt has been sewn together, it will hold lasting memories for years to come.


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