15 Baby Shower Games

The food may be fantastic and the décor divine, but what about the baby shower games? Real moms share some of their favorite, fun, and creative games to add the fun to your special day.

Sarah + Bob + Smith = Ima 1 of 15
"A fun game that we played at my baby shower was done on a chalkboard. The host wrote out my name, my husband's name, and our last name, and everyone had to make up as many baby names as they could from our first and last names. It was great fun!"—Michelle
Who Brought Pooh? 2 of 15
"Have each person bring a children's book that fits her personality. The mom-to-be guesses who brought each book. If she is right, the person gets a prize. The best part of this game is that the new mom gets to keep all the books."—Caren B.
Who's Who? 3 of 15
"My aunt hosted my first shower and asked everyone to bring a baby picture of themselves. The were placed around the house with numbers, and the guests had to go to each picture and write down who they thought it was."—Bridget
Now an Adjective 4 of 15
"This is just like the Mad-Libs. Write a story about the mom and her pregnancy, the birth, how they found out about the pregnancy, etc. Then take out key words. During the shower ask guests to give you a noun, verb, or adjective to fill in the blanks. At the end of the shower, read the completed story."—Babble Mom
Baby Fear Factor 5 of 15
"My friend purchased an assortment of baby foods. She mixed the fruit and the veggies together. She then put the food on a little plate with baby spoons and whoever finished the food first won a prize."—Tier
Q&A 6 of 15
"I had a couples shower for my brother and asked him questions about parenting ahead of time. At the shower I asked his wife how he would answer. I had each person attending the shower enter a guess at how many questions they would get correct."—Joy
Measure Up, Mama 7 of 15
"Get a spool of yarn. Have a pair of scissors ready, and make guests cut off a piece. When you're done, make each guest put their string around the mom's belly. Whoever has the string that fits right around her stomach wins."—Melody
D is for Duckie 8 of 15
"At my SIL's shower they had a hot tub filled with rubber duckies. On the bottom of the duckies was one letter from the baby's name. A sign was posted with the baby's name spelled out. For each letter was a prize listed."—Jenny
Diaper Dash 9 of 15
"At my sister's baby shower we got a baby doll, diaper, and a stopwatch. Everyone had to take turns diapering the doll (while treating it like a real baby) and whoever did it the fastest won. The catch is they were all blindfolded."—Tiffany
Rattle? Paci? Bib? 10 of 15
"At my couples baby shower, my friend filled a diaper bag with onesies, booties, bib, etc. Everyone had to write down how many items the dad would guess correctly in two minutes. We blindfolded the dad-to-be and he had to guess what each item was."—Candace A.
Baby Pictionary 11 of 15
"All you need is a dry erase board and a list of baby items. The guests were split into two teams. Each person had a chance to draw the baby item, while their team guessed what it was. The team who guesses the most items wins."—Melody
Mystery Advice 12 of 15
"Ask each of your guests for a piece of parental advice. Type up each piece of advice and have the mom-to-be draw each individual piece of advice out of a bowl at the shower, read it aloud, and try to guess who gave the advice."—Kim H.
Baby B-I-N-G-O 13 of 15
"Give everyone a bingo card and have them fill in the spaces with items they think the guest of honor will be receiving. As she opens her gifts have her yell out what it is and whoever has it on their card puts an X over it"—Jen
Lelrstor = Stroller 14 of 15
"Think of several words that have to do with babies (diaper, crib, high chair, etc.). Jumble the letters and print them out on your computer. At the shower give each guest a copy of the word list. Whoever can unscramble the most words wins."—Liz
Be My Baby 15 of 15
"See which guest can come up with the most songs containing the word 'baby.' If none of the guests are familiar with a certain song, the person who listed it must sing some of it to get credit."—Babble Mom
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