18 Baby Shower Gifts That Actually Aren’t for the Baby at All

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These days, there are about a zillion different baby shower gifts to choose from that’ll make your present stand out from the rest. There are easy-to-fasten swaddles that’ll soothe and comfort babies in no time, portable baby beds that promote maximum snooze time, and even tiny heart-rate monitors that give parents peace of mind during naptime.

But let’s face it, all of those gifts are about one thing and one thing only: the baby. If you’re looking for a baby shower gift the mama-to-be can enjoy before, during, or after pregnancy, we’ve got you covered.

Image Source: OhBloom/Etsy

1. Mama Bear Necklace

This sweet and subtle necklace will make a new mom feel pretty and appreciated, all at once.
Available from Etsy, $21.95

Image source: Ofoot

2. Ofoot Women’s Cotton Memory Foam Slippers

Two words: Memory. Foam. These slip-on slippers are insanely comfy, with a rubber sole, cotton fabric, and that heavenly memory foam feel that’ll keep her feet cozy even when she’s up at the crack of dawn, pacing the floors with a baby who just won’t sleep.
Available from Amazon, $16.99

pregnant tshirt
Image source:
SuperiorEpochTees | Etsy

3. Pregnant AF T-Shirt

Enough said.
Available from Etsy $20.50

mom shirt
Image source: RioJay

4. #momlife Colorful Letter Print Shirt

Speaking of comfy tees … This cozy quarter-sleeve tee can be worn during pregnancy or after. It’s perfect for lounging, hitting up the school carpool, or chasing after unruly toddlers.
Available from Amazon, $14.99

keepsake app
Image source: Keepsake

5. A Framed Photo via the Keepsake App

Want to remind the mom-to-be of an amazing memory you shared from college or a snapshot together from her pregnancy that deserves to be immortalized on a wall somewhere? Say no more. The app Keepsake makes it all pretty simple — just choose the image that you want printed, select your favorite frame option, and have it delivered to your door in about a week.
Available from Keepsake, starting at $25

Image source: Counter Culture Coffee

6. Coffee Subscription

Trust me: A coffee subscription is pretty much a no-brainer gift for any new mom-to-be, since chances are she’ll be running on java alone for those first six months post-baby.
Available from Counter Culture Coffee, from $13

coffee mug
Image source: Ember

7. Smart Coffee Mug

Speaking of coffee … This state-of-the-art mug will ensure that when she gets her next cup, it’ll actually still be hot. The Ember lets you adjust your drink’s temperature right on the mug itself, or via an app on your phone — whether you want it warmed up or cooled down. With space-grade thermal insulation, a microprocessor controlled heating system, and bluetooth connectivity, the Ember is basically the mug of the future.
Available from Amazon, $149.95

parenting books
Image source: Hachette Publishing

8. The Shit No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year by Dawn Dais

This hysterically funny book is perfect for new moms who need to know the cold, hard truth about motherhood. In other words: ALL OF US.
Available from Amazon, $9.32

Image source: Hanacure

9. Hanacure All-in-One-Facial

Okay, so I know this one’s a bit luxe, but hear me out: This Korean face mask has a serious cult following and is a HUGE hit around the globe. (Even Drew Barrymore vouches for its amazing powers!) Yes, you might look like you’re 95 years old while wearing it, since Hanacure leaves the skin looking dry and wrinkly when it’s on; but it’s said to remove skin impurities and rejuvenate the skin, leaving you with a healthier, more youthful complexion in the end.
Available from Hanacure, $110

Image Source: Hatch Collection

10. Hatch Belly Masks

Third trimester belly skin can get pretty damn itchy, which can feel like a special kind of torture when you’re in those last few weeks of pregnancy. But this nourishing belly mask softens the skin and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks all at once — double win!
Available from Hatch, $12

lush products
Image source: Lush

11. Lush Bath Bombs

And while we’re on the topic of luxe gifts … this super relaxing bath bomb gift basket is straight-up dreamy. Once Mom is able to snag some coveted me time, she can soak in a warm bath and toss in these fizzy balls of amazingness from Lush.
Available from Lush, $129

Image source: Dr. Flink

12. Postpartum Pillow

It ain’t sexy, but if you’re going for a practical gift she’ll actually use and totally thank you for later, this pillow it it. Trust me — it will literally save the day in those first days and weeks home from the hospital.
Available from Amazon, $19.99

Image source: bamboobies

13. Boob Ease Nursing Balm

Take it from me: This stuff is a freaking LIFESAVER. Unless you’ve ever breastfed before, you cannot imagine the hell that is the pain of a chapped nipple. (For real.)
Available from Amazon, $12

wine labels
Image source: LabelWithLove | Etsy

14. Milestone Wine Labels

If your friend was a wino prior to getting preggo, then chances are she’s been counting down the days ’til she can take her first sip. These tongue-in-cheek wine labels will literally have her LOLing into her Merlot.
Available from Etsy, $15.99 

Image Source: Winc

15. Winc Wine Club

Another great idea for the vino-loving mama? A membership to Winc — a wine delivery service that will ship bottles of vino to your door step, and even send you surprise and totally customized picks based on your favorite flavors.
Available via Winc, prices vary

milk stork
Image source: Milk Stork

16. Milk Stork

This is hands-down the best gift for a soon-to-be breastfeeding mom who may travel a lot once she heads back to work. It provides moms with breast milk storage bags and a prepaid shipping label that lets traveling moms ship breast milk directly home to their babies — all from the convenience of her hotel lobby.
Available from Milk Stork, from $79

massage gift card
Image source: Massage Envy

17. Massage Envy Prenatal Massage Gift Card

Let’s be real — pretty much anyone would appreciate this gift, and it’s an easy win if you’re just not sure what she’ll like. But for a mom-to-be who either wants to sneak in some relaxation before or after the baby arrives, it’s basically perfect.
Available from Massage Envy, prices vary

baby shower gift
Image source:
theHELLOcompany | Etsy

18. The Hello Company Kid Junk Tote Bag

The Kid Junk Tote Bag is not only a perfect storage solution for moms on the go, but just snarky enough to keep mom in a great mood.
Available from Etsy, $16.50

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