Ellie & Melissa Love… Baby Shower Hostess Gifts!

Here are a few ideas from Ellie & Melissa, The Baby Planners, to help you find a thoughtful gift for your baby shower hostess.

Eat Up! 1 of 11
We know we're not alone when we say we love to eat, so why not give your hostess a yummy edible treat as a way of saying merci. Chocolates? Delish! A basket of assorted cookies and muffins? Decadent! Cheese platters? Ahhhh! Homemade delights? All the better! You simply can't go wrong with any of these tasty tidbits so pick your favorite, wrap them beautifully, and your hostess will not go home disappointed—or hungry!
Light It Up 2 of 11
Candles have come a long way, baby! There are so many fab options to choose from and best of all, it's easy to find some that fit your budget, large or small! We suggest looking for a unique set of votives, handcrafted candles, or travel candles. You can usually find them beautifully pre-packaged and ready to gift.
Gift Certificates 3 of 11
A gift certificate is a wonderful and easy way to say thank you. It also makes it simple to stay within your budget, especially when you're "gifting" multiple hostesses. You can be practical and get one from a super store or grocery store, or make it more personal with a gift certificate from your favorite boutique. Your hostess will love picking out something special and you'll love the ease and convenience of this particularly perfect present.
It's My Treat! 4 of 11
We love the idea of taking your party planner(s) out to say thanks. This option gives you an opportunity to spend some one-on-one time and to express your gratitude face to face. And remember, once Baby arrives these moments become harder to schedule, so enjoy every minute! We suggest treating them to a lovely lunch, a coffee break, a massage, or perhaps a mani-pedi.
Practically Speaking 5 of 11
There are certain gifts that are so practical, so useful, and so obvious that they really are so perfect. You know—the kinds of things you would like to buy for yourself but never do. Our pick? Dishtowels! This everyday item can freshen up your kitchen and who doesn't need a clean, pretty towel to pull out of the drawer? We also love coasters, aprons, and even potholders.
Go Green! 6 of 11
The gift of green is always a sure thing. So why not head to the nursery or even your local grocery store and purchase a beautiful plant, a pot of flowers, or herbs for your hostess. A wonderful idea is to then use these plants/flowers as centerpieces at your shower. Of course, when the festivities are over you can gift your hostess with the greenery virtually ensuring that your party cheer lives on!
Cheers! 7 of 11
Why not toast the host? A bottle of wine is always a lovely gift and a fitting way to say thank you. You can find some great wine bags to "dress" the bottle. But if you're thinking you want to kick it up a notch with a bit of the bubbly, champagne of course is always fun and appropriate! Or go for it with tequila and margarita mix and you'll be saying gracias fiesta style!
Soak It Up 8 of 11
After planning your baby shower, your hostess might be in need of little downtime. So why not help her out by gifting her with a selection of yummy bath and body goodies. Head to the nearest mall or drugstore and you'll find a large selection of beautifully pre-packaged gifts. You can choose from items such as a shower and scrub set, body lotion samplers, or our personal favorite bath milk, salts, and oils for a long soak in the tub.
Jewelry 9 of 11
Beautiful bracelets and necklaces made with semiprecious stones are readily available and make for unique and thoughtful gifts. To keep costs down check out local craft fairs where you can usually find some fun and funky stuff. Or if your creative juices are flowing head to a bead or craft store and create your own special gifts. Either way, a handmade jewelry item says "thank you" in a beautiful way!
Bag It! 10 of 11
You use them at the grocery store, for running errands, even as a lightweight "purse" replacement—so why not gift them! We're talking about reusable eco-friendly tote bags. You can never have enough of these convenient bags and with so many cute styles to choose from, it makes for an easy, "green" gift. If you want to go an extra step, why not have the bags made with a cute saying or an expression of thanks.

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