May the Best Name Win!

Baby showers can be a great time to brainstorm baby names with your friends. Moms share favorite baby shower games that may help you settle on a baby-name.

Balloon Pop 1 of 6
"At my cousin's shower they put random baby names in balloons and the right baby name in one balloon. Each guest picked a balloon and then everyone popped their balloon. The person with the right name won a prize!"—Julie J.
Letter Scramble 2 of 6
"I went to a baby shower where the mom did not have a name for her baby yet. For fun, we were asked to take the mom's first name and the dad's first name plus their last name and come up with as many baby names as we could create with those letters."—Kathy K.
Who Wrote That? 3 of 6
"Have everyone write down a bizarre (or serious) baby name. Have the mom-to-be try to match up the made-up baby name with the person who wrote it."—Sandra
Spell It 4 of 6
"If the parents have already picked out the baby's name, you can play a spelling game. Take the baby's full name and try to make as many words as possible with the letters from the...
By the Letter 5 of 6
"We played a game where we used the letter she desired the baby's name to begin with to come up with as many names as we could in one minute. Duplicate names got scratched off as each player read their list and the person with the largest number of remaining names won a prize. The bonus was that our expectant mom had the chance to hear potential names for her precious little one!"—Monica
Letter Grab Bag 6 of 6
"Depending on the amount of people attending the shower, put them in teams of four five or six then put some letters in a bag every one pick a letter out then work as a team a make up a name."—Jackie L.
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