Co-Ed Baby Shower Games Dads Will Enjoy (For Real!)

Including guys in the baby shower you’re planning? Decorating onesies with markers and sharing mommy advice just isn’t going to fly. And I’m assuming you don’t want to spend the day huddled around ESPN chowing down on hot wings (not that there’s anything wrong with that). As a party pro, I’ve handed out plenty of advice on co-ed showers, and hosted a few of my own. Check out these ideas that are totally Daddy-friendly—and fun for all!

First, A Few Starter Tips

  • Invitations should be clearly marked “Guys too!” and if I were you, I’d avoid pink, pearls, and ribbons. Go with an invitation specifically made for a co-ed shower like these from Tiny Prints (20 cards for $36.80), or just create your own for free. Find a simple DIY one at The Girl on the Go and a cool printable at Fresh-Linen.
  • Be sure to invite a good number of guys—you don’t want the Dad-to-be to feel outnumbered.
  • Hand out favors other than baby bootie cookies. Try something for the guys like homemade “baby-q” sauce or a box of candy (download free labels from Vale Design), and leave the petit fours, candles, or cookies for the gals!

And Now, Some Co-Ed Games

The Newly-Parent Game: A bunch of friends and I recently hosted a co-ed shower for a couple—we’re a tight-knit group! We served mini sandwiches and a variety of salads, and added mini barbecue sliders and beer to the menu for some “guy-friendly” fare. Then we played our version of the newlywed game. The mom- and dad to-be were each given mini white boards and a dry erase marker. We asked questions and encouraged them to test their parent-to-be knowledge! For example, we asked him what food his wife had been craving the most since she became pregnant (him: “Pizza since I had to get it for you every night”). We also asked what they thought baby would be when he/she grew up (Her: “Whatever she wants”; him: “Princess”). We were practically rolling on the floor laughing by the end.

Bottles Up!: My friend Shara recently had a co-ed shower that the guys drank up. Literally. As she explains it, “Guys love beer, right, so we filled kiddie sippy cups with beer and pitted the guys against each other to see who could finish their sippy cup first. The winning guy got a gift basket of mini liquor bottles.” Make it even harder by putting the beer in baby bottle (you’ll want to be sure to have the camera out for thatone.

Tailgate: “Our baby shower was co-ed and the host and hostess opted for non-traditional games,” says Jenni Champion, a mom-to-be in Nashville, Tennessee. “There was a tailgate-style cornhole—a bean-bag toss —set out in the backyard with a DIY bar for mixed drinks and beer along with snacks like cheese straws, Southern barbecue, and blackberry shortbread bars. This was a fun alternative to cheesy games, and it gave the gals some time to catch up and chit-chat.”

Friendly Competition

“My best friend threw me a really fun co-ed baby shower,” recalls Houston mom of one Gina Cheney. “She made up a poster board with baby pictures of celebs on it, with some baby shots of me and my husband too! Whoever correctly guessed the most won the contest. We also played a word scramble game.” Print off this free baby shower word search from Posh Little.

Or Just Do The Brunch Thing

“We had a couples brunch for our baby shower—no games, but great fun spent socializing and eating yummy food,” recalls Amy Croushorn of Amy’s Party Ideas. “The guys really got into it and gifted the Dad-to-be with gifts like a diaper tool belt—complete with a face mask!—and rival football gear for the new baby. Opening them was all the entertainment we needed.”

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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