Cool Baby Shower Games and Activities

Planning a baby shower for a mom who’s not into shower games such as tasting baby food and eating anything out of a diaper? (Is anyone into those games?!) Perhaps you’ve been told point blank, “No cheesy stuff at my shower!”? No problem! These fun, easy-going ideas will get the party started.

Name That Baby

At a recent baby shower I hosted, a baby photo guessing board was the hit of the party. I asked guests and the mom-to-be to each bring a baby photo. We pinned the photos to a simple corkboard with a “Guess the baby” sign. It was the perfect icebreaker, and totally amusing.

Gambling at a Baby Shower? Bring It On!

On a large piece of poster board, draw out the calendar for the month of the baby’s due date. Then print out instructions for the game: Ask guests to write their initials on the day they think the baby will be born, with extra credit for guessing the time. Mention the prize up for grabs, like a restaurant gift certificate or iTunes gift card. Send out an email after Baby is born to announce who won.

Think Small

Ditch the games and go for a fun theme. A good one: Make every single thing at the shower tiny, an idea from party designer Maureen Anders of Anders Ruff. Start off with teeny invites in teeny envelopes. Serve “baby” food like baby quiches and marinated baby carrot salad, along with finger sandwiches and little bow-tie pasta. For drinks, serve mini waters and soda bottles and small glasses with wine. And for dessert, try mini cupcakes, baby cheesecakes, and cake pops. “It’s an easy theme to build upon,” says Anders, “and you can create quite a buzz!” Mini desserts are hot these days, adds Kelly Lyden of The Party Dress: “The dessert that’s trending is the cupcake (or pie) in a jar. Try doing a miniature version in baby food jars for your dessert table.”

Do the Artsy-Crafty Thing

“For baby showers with guests who might not all know each other, small craft projects are a great way to help guests mingle and meet,” says Jen St. Clair of Little Sprout Creations. One she got to do at her own shower: decorating onesies. The host spread out white onesies, fabric paint, and stencils on a table, and guests decorated away. “When my baby wears them, it’s a great reminder of the fun I had at the shower,” says Jen, “and it’s so fun for friends to see her wearing the onesies they made!”

A Whole Afternoon of Dessert? YES!

Center your shower around a table full of treats and it’ll be so popular you may have trouble getting guests to leave. “My husband and I did a dessert bar at our wedding three years ago, and it was such a hit that we decided to do the same thing for our baby shower,” says mom-to-be and invitation designer Jen Gebrosky of Blush Printables. “We had cakes, tortes, and pies—and everyone went back for seconds!” If the desserts are homemade, print out recipes on cute cards like the free printables from The Bakery Spot so guests can take home a copy of their favorite sweet.

Forget Baby Anything — Just Have Fun

Consider a beach bash or fiesta party for your mommy friend. “I consider myself free-spirited and very unconventional. So when it came time to celebrate our munchkin’s arrival, I definitely did not want a traditional, frilly shower,” says Cineca Newburn of Dreamin’ N Details. “My husband and I invited our best friends and family to a beach party at a friend’s restaurant. We wore leis, did the limbo, listened to live music, ate my favorite appetizers, and had cocktails—for the guests, not for Momma! I loved it.”

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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