9 Feminist Baby Shower Gifts That’ll Inspire Your Future Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Google “baby gifts for girls” and you’re likely to land yourself in a sea of pink and hearts and sparkly things. And while I certainly do love me some pink and hearts and sparkly things just as much as the next person, finding gifts that go beyond gender stereotypes and inspire little girls to be whatever they want to be can sometimes be tricky. Especially if you’re not looking to add yet another glittery tutu to the pile of gifts at the baby shower.

Luckily, gender-neutral and feminist baby gifts have come a long way in recent years — inspired, no doubt, by the revival of the feminist movement itself. And as a result, we’ve got lots of great gift ideas that’ll inspire your little lady to be the next Oprah … or Gloria Steinem … or … honestly, whoever she wants to be.

Image Source: Flip the Script Studios/Etsy

1. Tiny Feminist Nursery Print Set

Can we pause for a moment and give ALL THE YESES to this STEM-inspired nursery print? It possesses that perfect dose of nursery sweetness, while still being kinda badass. Just imagine baby girl looking up from her crib and being inspired to imagine, discover, explore, and create.

Available on Etsy, $18

Image Source: Penguin Books

2. She Persisted, by Chelsea Clinton

If you haven’t yet seen the phrase “She Persisted” splashed across t-shirts, totes, and coffee mugs, did you even live through 2017? Chelsea Clinton’s latest book for kids was inspired by the now-infamous moment Senator Elizabeth Warren refused to be silenced while objecting the confirmation of Senator Jeff Session as U.S. Attorney General. But in this kid-friendly picture book, Clinton highlights 13 other women throughout American history — from Ruby Bridges to Sally Ride — who also stood up for what they believed in, and in the process, changed history.

Available on Amazon, $12.36

Image Source: Oeuf

3. Oeuf “Feminist” Onesie

How else do you raise a confident, self-aware feminist if you don’t begin instilling those principles as soon as she exits the womb — and announcing them to the world? This knitted “feminist” onesie from Oeuf will definitely make a bold statement at your friend’s mom group meet-up, but hey, that’s what your little feminist is all about anyway, amirite? Plus, it’s just really sweet to look at.

Available at Oeuf, $78

Image Source: Oeuf

4. Oeuf “Feminist” Crown

… And OBVI, you need to get the kid-sized crown to match, for when she gets bigger.

Available at Oeuf, $44

Image source: Draw Me a Song/Etsy

5. “Who Run the World?” Nursery Poster

Because it’s never too early to introduce your kid to the words of Beyoncé … and the many badass women who changed history. This colorful poster can technically work anywhere — from a kid’s room to an office. But we think adding it to the nursery as a pop of color and inspiring work of art makes it even more meaningful.

Available on Etsy, $10+

5. “Women Who Dared” Block Set

This handcrafted block set made from sustainable Michigan basswood pays homage to 32 incredible women who broke barriers throughout history. And while they’re made for kids ages 2+, they’re still a great shower gift that’ll look great in the nursery and grow with your kid. (Plus, they’re printed using non-toxic, mouth-safe inks so you don’t have to worry once your teething baby inevitably gets a hold of ’em.)

Available on Amazon, $64

Image Source: Little Rebel Rosie/Etsy

6. Feminist Doll Pillows

These one-of-a-kind feminist doll pillows are hand-sewn and made to order, whether you want to gift a mini Malala Yousafzai or Rosie the Riveter for your future feminist. They can be propped up in the nursery and gifted along with a kid-friendly book on the famous feminist that parents-to-be can read to their little one to explain how her feminist doll changed the world.

Available on Etsy, $20.75

Image Source: Mudpuppy/Amazon

7. Little Feminist Board Book Set

Each book in this adorable little collection highlights a different woman who left her mark on history. From artists like Frida Kahlo to activists like Rosa Parks, your tiny feminist will love the colorful, eye-catching illustrations almost as much as the inspiring stories each book tells.

Available at Amazon, $14.99

Image Source: Ectogasm

8.  “I Am Little But Fierce” Pin

I mean … can you just imagine this on an adorable pair of baby overalls or a toddler-sized jean jacket? TOO. CUTE.

Available on Etsy, $11.99

Image Source: Disney-Hyperion

9. ‘Feminist Baby’ Board Book, by Loryn Brantz

This adorable board book by Loryn Brantz (the powerhouse illustrator behind all those hilarious comics you love from Buzzfeed) has a girl-power theme without taking itself too seriously. Despite being still in diapers, Brantz’s heroine — who goes by the name Feminist Baby (in case you couldn’t tell) — can be seen rising up against inequality and doing her part to smash the patriarchy. And you better get outta her way.

Available on Amazon, $9.36

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