9 Unique Baby Teethers You Definitely Haven’t Seen Before

unique baby teethers
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Baby teethers have sure come a long way since we were kids. (Remember when our moms would just freeze a washcloth for us to chew on? … Yikes.) These days, baby teethers come in all shapes and sizes, and are made with non-toxic, BPA-free materials that are safer than ever for babies to chew on.

They also come in some quirky and hilarious styles. So if you’re looking for a unique teether for your kiddo, or just something funny to top off your baby shower gift, scroll down for a few of our favorites.

A baby boy chews on a teether shaped like a Game Boy
Image Source: Bumkins/Amazon

1. Game Boy Teether

For anyone who grew up in the ’90s and was totally addicted to their Game Boy, this adorable teether will bring back some pretty sweet childhood memories.

Available on Amazon, $6.99


A baby chews on a teether shaped like a Nintendo controller.
Image Source: Bumkins/Amazon

2. Nintendo Console Teether

And if you’re going to get the Game Boy teether, you obviously have to throw in the Nintendo controller one, too. It’s only fair! (I honestly can’t look at this thing and not hear the theme song from Super Mario Bros. running through my head … )

Available on Amazon, $6.99

A baby chews on a teether shaped like a supreme pizza slice
Image Source: Silli Chews/Amazon

3. Pizza Teether

Hey, they’re gonna grow up to be obsessed with pizza anyway. So why not get them hooked on it now? This yummy slice comes loaded with lots of “toppings,” and features various grooves and textures.

Available on Amazon, $11.99

At left, teethers shaped like green broccoli, half an avocado, and a slice of kale. At right, a toddler chews on the avocado teether.
Image Source: Uncommon Goods

4. Superfood Teething Toys

For the quinoa-loving, kale-chip-eating parent, this trio of “superfood” teethers will help intro their kiddo to their green veggies nice and early. No picky eaters here!

Available at Uncommon Goods, $18

A baby chews on a teether shaped like the black "Bat Signal" from Batman
Image Source: Bumkins/Amazon

5. Batman Teether

When little Bruce Wayne needs to soothe his sore gums, he can gnaw on this pint-sized “bat signal” teether made from food-grade silicone. Bonus: It’s dishwasher safe!

Available on Amazon, $6.99

A baby girl chews on a yellow teether shaped like the Wonder Woman symbol.
Image Source: Bumkins/Amazon

6. Wonder Woman Teether

… And just so all the tiny superheroes in the fam are covered, this Wonder Woman-themed teether is perfect for any little lady who wants to grow up and kick some butt one day.

Available on Amazon, $6.99

A baby chews on pink and chocolate-colored teethers shaped like cookies.
Image Source: BeBe/Amazon

7. BeBe Cookie Teethers

These little treats may be made of silicone, but they’re kind of of making my mouth water. One cookie is made to be extra soft, while the other is firmer, offering tots two different chewing sensations.

Available on Amazon, $14.97

A little boy chews on a black teether shaped like an iPhone
Image Source: Amazon

8. Smartphone Teether

There comes a time when every kid grabs hold of their mom’s smartphone, chomps down, and won’t let go for dear life. Enter, the Tootsie Mama Smartphone Teether — it’s shaped just like your iPhone, except kids can bite down into super soft silicone without you having to worry. (Plus, they won’t be able to accidentally order a ton of stuff off Amazon while they’re at it.)

Available on Amazon, $11.97

A taco-shaped baby teether is connected to a pacifier clip
Image Source: Spearmint Baby

9. Taco Teether

Your kiddo might just be saying yo quiero Taco Bell before they say “mama” with this delicious-looking taco teether. It comes loaded with all the fixin’s and even has its very own beaded pacifier clip to attach it to your baby’s bib or onesie, so it doesn’t go far.

Available at Spearmint LOVE, $26

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