Pinkies Up! Recipes for a Tea Party Baby Shower

Mom-to-be should be treated like royalty. Our simple, delicious, cute tea party recipes will have your guests saying, “More, please,” before you know it!

Cucumber "Crackers" with Hummus 1 of 10
For a healthy party snack, thick slices of cucumber topped with delicious homemade hummus are the perfect combination.

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Strawberry Scones 2 of 10
Made with fresh, juicy strawberries, this sweet treat has a moist texture and a buttery flavor that's sure to please. Add a bit of lemon zest and a glittery topping of sugar and you have a scone that's extraordinarily good.

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Asparagus Tea Tip Sandwiches 3 of 10
These unique and tasty treats may look like they went to appetizer finishing school, but they're actually super easy to make and require only a few ingredients.

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Watermelon Petit Fours 4 of 10
These little treats are quick, easy, and healthy alternatives to those little French cakes they mimic. They're sure to be a hit with the mom-to-be!

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Glazed Lemon Scones 5 of 10
Light and lemony, these biscuit-like cakes will make a refreshing addition to any party menu. Plus, they're easy to prepare!

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Pickles in a Blanket 6 of 10
There's just something irresistible about the mini pickles. Mom-to-be and shower guests may never eat enough of them—so make plenty!

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Pastel Petit Fours 7 of 10
Dainty and sophisticated, these cakes are a real showstopper—especially for a special occasion like a baby shower. And since they're made from store-bought pound cake, they're easy to prepare.

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Tiny Taco Tarts 8 of 10
Mini phyllo shells, ready-made and smartly ornamental, are the secret here. Simply fill them with this delectable sour-cream-and-taco-seasoning-mix dip, and garnish. Yum!

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Cucumber Cups 9 of 10
These peeled cucumber cups look wonderfully festive, plus they're a snap to make. The rounds provide the perfect base for all manner of tasty fillings. Flavored hummus works well.

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Tea Sandwiches 10 of 10
Any sandwich can be a tea sandwich, as long as it's sliced into neat, nearly-bite-size pieces. For extra fanciness, use a cookie cutter to punch out shapes from your sandwich bread. Maybe a rubber duckie?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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