9 Unique Baby Gifts You Can Find on Etsy That Won’t Break the Bank

Amid the sea of party invites that come in the mail each year, there’s one kind I truly look forward to more than the rest: baby shower invites. Why? Because baby showers are THE BEST. (Hear me out on this one.) Not only do you get to spend the day literally showering your BFF with love and support, but you also get to knock back a few mimosas, ooo and ahhh over adorable baby clothes, and play some fun shower games for a few hours. (Don’t lie — you love ’em.) And the food at baby showers is pretty much always good.

See where I’m going with this? There are literally no downsides.

When it comes to finding the perfect baby shower gift, however, that can sometimes be tricky. I always make a point to hit up my friend’s baby registry first, but usually like to throw in a little something extra that’s heartfelt and unique. (That way, at least she’s in for a little surprise.)

If you’re looking to go off registry too, but not break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up a list of unique baby shower gift ideas you can find on Etsy — all for $40 or less.

Image Source: RobertsCraftShop/Etsy

1. Personalized Wooden Ruler Growth Chart

There are few things sweeter than seeing an old wall covered in hash marks from years of growing children. But let’s be real: What do you do when it comes time to move or renovate? These wooden ruler growth charts have a cool, vintage feel and a practical purpose. They’re also easily portable so you can take them from room to room or even to a new house, and make for an awesome heirloom when your kids are all grown up.

Available on Etsy, $40

Image Source: Flamingo Road Journals/Etsy

2. Letters to My Little Girl/Boy Journal

Forget about traditional milestone books, these sweet journals are the perfect gift for a mom who loves to write and wants to share more than just the date and time her baby said their first word or lost that first tooth. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts, and for a new mom, this journal means she’ll have all the pages she needs to write them down.

Available on Etsy, $6 | Letters to My Little Girl, Letters to My Little Boy

Image Source: Woodinout/Etsy

3. Wooden Name Puzzle

This twist on the classic wooden puzzle gift by personalizing it with the baby’s name. (And if Mom isn’t revealing the first name yet, you can always go with the baby’s surname.) Wooden puzzles aren’t just fun and easy to clean and store, but they’re also perfect for passing down to the next generation.

Available on Etsy, $16+

Image Source: Freckled Fox Kids/Etsy

4. Custom Word Onesies

Finding a unique baby onesie is easy these days, but finding one that’s just the right balance of sweet and funny without offending Grandma? Not always so easy! I was pretty stoked to find this Etsy shop that lets you personalize onesies with whatever you want — inside jokes and all.

Available on Etsy, $20.99

Image Source: LilybelsUK/Etsy

5. “Don’t Knock” Nursery Door Sign

Looking for a funny baby shower gift that’s also practical? This hilarious nursery door sign more than checks that box.

Available on Etsy, $18.85

Image Source: fieldtrip/Etsy

6. “In Loving Memory of When I Could Sleep In” Coffee Mug

It’s funny because it’s true. (SO. TRUE.) But at least you’ll have Mom laughing through all that sleep deprivation with this hilarious mug — that will definitely see more coffee than she ever thought possible. (Probably not hot coffee, but coffee nonetheless.)

Available on Etsy, $12.60

Image Source: FlowersinDecemberDS

7. Ultrasound Photo Frame

This is one of those gifts I so wish I’d known about when I was pregnant. (And wish someone had gotten for me!) A photo of your little one’s first ultrasound is pretty much the sweetest thing to look at no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in — but especially in that uncomfortable third trimester, when things are starting to feel a little less magical. (THANKS, indigestion!)

Available on Etsy, $24.95


Image Source: Pipsy Shop/Etsy

8. Baby Milestone Blanket

The first year of baby’s life will be filled with epic moments of “firsts”, which is why we think this milestone baby blanket is a beautiful idea. Help mom celebrate each month with this sweet and simple design that can be personalized with baby’s name.

Available on Etsy, $36

Image Source: Show Barn Boutique/Etsy

9. “If You Can Read This, I’m in Labor” Socks

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of socks? And a comfy pair of socks that just so happens to also be hilarious? YES PLEASE.

Available on Etsy, $12.99

See? Finding the perfect baby shower gift doesn’t have to be a never-ending search or leave a massive dent in your wallet. As long as you know where to look.

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