A wish tree is a fun baby shower activity — especially for the mom-to-be! You can make an adorable book with everyone’s thoughts and wishes plus photos from the baby shower. It’ll be treasured for years to come.

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With just these seven items you'll get one spectacular wish tree! Depending on how many items you can find around your house, the cost of materials range between $15 to $30. You'll need:

- white spray paint—2-3 cans
- glitter spray paint
- sturdy branches
- heavy vase—10" or higher
- small rocks or marshmallows
- clothespins
- wish cards and a pen
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Set aside about two hours to complete this project but keep in mind that a good portion of this time is waiting for the paint and glitter to dry.

To start, lay out a bunch of old newspaper and spray paint your cut tree branches white (or a different color of your choice) on all sides.

Let 'em dry.
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Once dry, spray paint the white branches with the silver glitter (or a different glitter of your choice such as gold, green or multicolored glitter spray).

Depending on the theme of your shower, you could also mix it up with different paint colors. For example, pink paint with gold glitter; blue paint with silver glitter; or gold paint with gold glitter.

Tons of options!
Now You... 4 of 7
Start arranging the branches by insterting them very carefully—usually the biggest one first, and then fill in the sides with smaller ones. Make sure you're branches are hanging out on the sides so there is plenty of room for the notes to hang.

Lastly, carefully prune your branches with a small clipper.
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Fill the vase with something small—and use a lot of it! This keeps the branches from moving around.

You can use different items such as mini marshmallows (as seen here); candy (such as M&Ms or jellybeans) that fits the color theme of your baby shower; pebbles from your garden; or glass beads from your local craft store.
Let the Wishes Begin 6 of 7
Set up your wish tree table with a sign, wish cards, a pen, and clothespins.

Encourage guests to get involved, and make sure everyone signs their name so that the mommy-to-be knows who they're from.

Once the shower is over, take all the cards and lay them out in a memory book. Its such a special gift that will last forever!
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