1. Month. Old. A Letter to my Girl. [Slideshow]

Already! Not an uncommon thing to say I suppose. How time goes so fast, I should savour every last newborn baby minute that is you. Tiny, delicate, heart-filling, inquisitive – you.

Which I am. (Savouring). My dear, diva-esque Abigail. I love you so. With each passing day you become more enthralled with your surroundings as surely as the people’s faces you adore to examine.

Just know my adorable little fire-ball…we  heart watching you watch us.

With vigor, your wee body fills out with nom-able chub that is everything, (partially) delicious about a baby. Your intense eyes are a deep, un-hazed hue of muddy marine blue. Nary a fleck or hint of another colour has shown up yet, but all the shine and luster that a wise woman – not a babe, has.

You look so much like your brother as a newborn, it’s uncanny! I’m already working on a little comparative photo project to torture you with when you’re older. You love me.

Today I nearly finished editing your birthing video, of which has been my first project of the sort. Your auntie Mel? She’s a shutterbug extraordinaire and she took all of the fantastic still shots in the video, (coming soon!) And of the B & W’s in the slideshow below. Our hope is that you cherish them for the many years to come.

  • Teeny Wrinkly Chub 1 of 21
    Teeny Wrinkly Chub
  • & So it Begins 2 of 21
    & So it Begins
  • First Peep 3 of 21
    First Peep
  • Proud Pappa – Skin to Skin 4 of 21
    Proud Pappa - Skin to Skin
  • Summer Seersucker 5 of 21
    Summer Seersucker
  • First Instagram 6 of 21
    First Instagram
  • First Dress-Up 7 of 21
    First Dress-Up
  • First Fancy Photo-Shoot 8 of 21
    First Fancy Photo-Shoot
  • Cozy Morning Sun Nap 9 of 21
    Cozy Morning Sun Nap
  • Those Eyes! 10 of 21
    Those Eyes!
  • Growing Footsies 11 of 21
    Growing Footsies
  • Fashionista 12 of 21
  • OK Mom…. 13 of 21
    OK Mom....
  • Comfy & Cute 14 of 21
    Comfy & Cute
  • Enough Already! 15 of 21
    Enough Already!
  • In My Favourite PJ’s 16 of 21
    In My Favourite PJ's
  • Delicately Precious 17 of 21
    Delicately Precious
  • I Love My Cloth Diapers! 18 of 21
    I Love My Cloth Diapers!
  • Missing My Daddy 19 of 21
    Missing My Daddy
  • Getting Love From Mama 20 of 21
    Getting Love From Mama
  • 1 Month Old Today! 21 of 21
    1 Month Old Today!

What did you think of those my girl? Anyhow darling, it is bittersweet. This watching you grow business.

On one hand I cannot wait to witness your hair turn into bouncing curls. It’s a done deal with your genes. To watch your mouth move into fits of giggles and your voice turn out new words with adorable mispronunciation.

On the other – I want to cherish these moments forever. You and your brother, your very existence has made my life so full, so complete. Let us stay like this forever. Innocent and free.

Whatever challenges we may encounter through the weeks, months and years –  be happy; be confident, my girl. For you are valued, respected and cherished immensely, as all children should be.

With Love, Forever & Always,

Yo’ Mama

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All B & W Images Courtesy Melissa McCauley

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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