1 Out Of 8 Low-Income Families Take Part in Dangerous Behavior

One thing you SHOULDN'T do!

With the economy the way it is today, there is a scary growing trend across low income families which can be deadly.

A study I recently stumbled across shows that almost 30 percent of parents who receive government benefits for food assistance such as WIC admit to watering down baby formula to help stretch the amount they receive in a month to last the entire month.

Meaning — they do not have to purchase any themselves. But them problem with this is the serious risk they are putting their child in by watering down formula!

Now before everyone jumps on the oh-my-god-danielle-hates-formula bandwagon … I am not anti-formula at all. In fact my second child was allergic to my breast milk no matter what dietary changes I made and needed to be on formula. So I am middle of the road on the issue.

The study shows:

The study found that 30 percent of parents who brought their infants to an inner city children’s clinic didn’t have enough food to make it through each month. And a full 15 percent, or about 1 in 8, made ends meet by watering down their babies’ formula or by feeding less frequently, according to the study which was published in Clinical Pediatrics.

But the problem with this is the serious and possibly deadly effect watering down formula could have on infants.

Another article on the topic shares:

“Too much water can basically lower the sodium content and lower the ratio of other electrolytes in the blood and that can lead to seizures and other problems,” said Dr. Seth Septer, pediatric gastroenterologist with Children’s Hospital. It can even be fatal.

Children’s Hospital has seen a few cases of water intoxication, though none quite as severe as the 5-month-old who recently made headlines.

“That’s one place to not try to save our money,” said Dr. Septer. “It’s very important not to change from the recommended way of making the formula.” In the first few months of life, it’s best to avoid any additional water completely.

Showing why parents should think about skimping in other areas, and not on their baby formula!

The moral of the story all around is… JUST DON’T DO IT!   DON’T WATER DOWN BABY FORMULA!  P-E-R-I-O-D!

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