10 Adorable, Modern Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornaments

It’s Clementine’s 1st Christmas, and I searched Etsy for that oh-so-perfect ornament that I could put on the tree for years to come. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d find it. In actuality, I found 10 that I love, love, love. I wanted an ornament that was modern, could be personalized, and wasn’t hokey. Narrowing down the field even more, I needed something that wasn’t fragile or easily broken (I’m clumsy).

Here are my 10 most favorite “Baby’s 1st Christmas” ornaments, with the one I ended up purchasing featured at the end!

  • A rhino in your tree! 1 of 10

    I am completely charmed by this ornament. White always gets me with its classic, clean look. And the rhino is such a pleasant departure from the mainstream baby animals like bears, bunnies, and ducks.


    Purchase at Etsy here for $25.00

  • How About a Metal Dala Horse Ornament? 2 of 10

    This artist also offers these Christmas ornaments in copper and brass. It's not breakable — yay! I am considering getting this for baby's 2nd Christmas next year.


    Purchase here $25.00

  • Vintage and Modern Looking All at The Same Time 3 of 10

    I can't put my finger on it, but I had some serious nostalgia when I saw this ornament. If you opt for a modern font, you can be the envy of the cool crowd everywhere.


    Purchase this glass crystal ornament on Etsy here for $24.75

  • What Does the Fox Say? 4 of 10

    What set this ornament apart for me is that the artist will hand stamp the back for you. Also, it's a fox, and foxes are very 2013. Don't shy away from a trendy ornament, because the idea is to capture the times. 


    Available on Etsy here for $28.00

  • Captured Exactly 5 of 10

    Sometimes a classic photo says it all. This fiberglass reinforced plastic Christmas ornament lets you create the ornament just as you wish. I like the black and white along with the reasonable price tag.


    Purchase on Etsy here for $12.50

  • Why Didn’t I Think of This? 6 of 10

    It's an upcycled spoon. Aren't you annoyed with yourself that you didn't think of this already? Again, I'm a fan of the simplicity.


    You can buy it at Etsy here for $12.00

  • Doesn’t Every Baby Have a Cute Silhoutte? 7 of 10

    I know, I know. There are so many ornaments you want now, it's going to cost more than your Christmas tree. Why isn't every parent making one of these ornament silhouettes of their baby?


    Made here on Etsy for $40.00

  • Only For the Most Hip Babies 8 of 10

    This ornament has it all: a chevron pattern, a bric-a-brac ribbon, and a modern font. Soooo 2013, and that's exactly what you want!


    Available at Etsy here for $32.00

  • Carousels for Christmas 9 of 10

    The carousel is really working for me as a match for a Christmas ornament. The wood burning is also a big hit.


    Available on Etsy here $12.00

  • Drum Roll, Please … 10 of 10

    Finally, this is the Christmas ornament I chose. I ordered one for both Clementine and my other daughter, "Sandy." I emailed photos to the artist, and I seriously can't wait to see how they turn out. On the back, I'm getting "Christmas 2013" and then "Brooklyn, NY" carved.


    You can get one too, here for $15.00

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