10 Baby Items I CAN Live Without

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I hate STUFF!

You know, the unnecessary junk that fills the house and never seems to be used. Well, when you have a baby, that “stuff” multiplies! It’s maddening!

Here’s a list of baby centric items I can live without and in most cases, do. Unfortunately, I married a collecting, hoarder-type husband who is a bit more influenced by marketing, so we had to compromise on some. You know what they say, opposites attract!

  • Wipe Warmer 1 of 10
    Wipe Warmer
    Ahh the famous Wipe Warmer . The husband made me register for this with Baby #1 and it was never used. Not once.
  • A Bottle Brush 2 of 10
    A Bottle Brush
    Really? A special brush? Do bottles warrant their own cleaning utensil? Aren't they just cups with lids?
  • Bottle Warmers 3 of 10
    Bottle Warmers
    Another uni-tasker, the bottle warmer is easily replaced with a bowl of warm water. At least that's what I use.
  • Car Window Shades 4 of 10
    Car Window Shades
    I was given the famous Rollershade with baby #1 as a gift and again with baby #2 as a hand-me-down. They live on the floor of my car just asking to be thrown out.
  • Baby Shoes 5 of 10
    Baby Shoes
    New Flash: Babies don't walk. Yes, yes, the shoes are cute, but completely unnecessary. I have about 5 pairs that were given to me as a hand-me-down, they haven't left the closet yet.
  • Baby Bath 6 of 10
    Baby Bath
    I already had one of these. It's called a sink. But alas, the Husband handles most baths so we got a standard baby tub with a sling.
  • Baby DVDs 7 of 10
    Baby DVDs
    I'd much rather play music than plop my baby in front of the TV . It's not like they know what they're watching anyway.
  • Diaper Bag 8 of 10
    Diaper Bag
    Not sure many will agree, but I hate diaper bags! When I go, I throw some wipes, a diaper, and small change of clothes in my purse. What else do you really need?
  • A Play Pen 9 of 10
    A Play Pen
    Seriously? I'm raising kids, not dogs. These things just scare me.
  • Nap Nanny 10 of 10
    Nap Nanny

Did I mention something you CAN’T live without? Hit me up in the comments. I’m curious which ones you disagree on. I’m guessing it’s the diaper bag. I know quite a few moms that go gaga over them.

Oh! and if you are wondering click here for the 5 things I CAN’T live without.

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