10 "Baby" Items You Can Use Well Beyond the Baby Years

10 baby items You Can Use Beyond the Baby YearsI went into this whole parenthood thing with the mindset of a minimalist. I figured that kids are babies for such a short time, so most of the things that people say you really “need” aren’t real necessities. That said, I quickly realized once I had a real-life human baby on my hands that even though babies don’t “need” all this baby stuff, it certainly does make life a whole lot easier.

That said, I still don’t like having a ton of “baby stuff” around that will only be used for a short time, so I try to get as much “bang for my buck” as I can by choosing things that can grow with my baby and our family. This is good for our wallets, good for the planet and good for minimizing clutter.

Here are 10 fantastic items that you can use well beyond the baby years…

  • Convertible High Chair 1 of 10
    Convertible High Chair
    This high chair will grow with your child until they no longer need a high chair at all, at which point it makes a perfectly wonderful chair that a grownup can use too.
    Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair ($229.99) from
  • Latte Bowls 2 of 10
    Latte Bowls
    These little bowls are the cutest and great for measuring out ingredients or for portion control. I had them before I ever had a baby and now they make the perfect baby food bowls.
    Bowls ($30.00 for a set of 6) from Anthropologie
  • Stylish Rocker 3 of 10
    Stylish Rocker
    A rocking chair is a wonderful thing to have when you have a tiny baby to rock and nurse to sleep, so try to choose a stylish one that you won't mind having in your house once your baby is too big to rock.
    Eames Rocking Chair ($154.00) from Interiortrade Furniture
  • Trash Bin 4 of 10
    Trash Bin
    A trash can with a lid is a must-have when you're dealing with stinky diapers, but why waste money on a bin that is diaper specific? Just choose a trash can you like that you can continue to use throughout the years.
    Knodd Trash bin ($24.99) from IKEA
  • Tea Kettle 5 of 10
    Tea Kettle
    We had a fancy bottle warmer that we ended up returning, because it wasn't any more convenient or quick than using our tried and true tea kettle to heat up the water. Take the money you saved on the bottle warmer and buy a pretty kettle you'll get to enjoy for years to come!
    Nambe Tea Kettle ($125.00) from Macy's
  • Dresser 6 of 10
    Don't waste your money on a changing table! Spend the money on a quality dresser and stick a changing pad wedge on top and there you have it: instant changing table. Then, once you're beyond diapers you'll still have a nice looking piece of furniture that can grow with your child.
    Anders Dresser ($2,799.00) from Room & Board
  • A Regular Size Mattress 7 of 10
    A Regular Size Mattress
    If you feel like bucking trends, you can forgo a crib altogether (we did!) and have your baby sleep on a floor bed Montessori style. One of the benefits is that you save money on a crib and crib mattress and can just buy a larger mattress that your child will be able to use for years to come.
    JÖMNA Mattress ($79.00) from IKEA
  • Non-Baby Blankets 8 of 10
    Non-Baby Blankets
    Baby blankets are great, but so many of them are so cutesy! Unless you genuinely want to incorporate primary colors and baby jungle animal prints into your overall home decor, stick with blankets that match with the design in your home so you can use them as lovely throws once baby gets bigger.
    Ferm Living Little Remix Blanket ($81.95) from Fawn & Forest
  • Convertible Water Bottle 9 of 10
    Convertible Water Bottle
    There are at least 18,000 varieties of sippy cups out there and your baby probably won't even like most of them, so why not just skip ahead to a convertible water bottle like this. You can purchase a sippy lid and then graduate to a regular lid as your child grows and no longer needs it. Perfect.
    Bottle (prices vary) from Kleen Kanteen
  • Versatile Art 10 of 10
    Versatile Art
    Avoid overly baby'ish art for the nursery. Stick to more versatile pieces in fun colors that are still kid-friendly and you'll avoid having to do a complete room redo when your baby is no longer a baby. Everything in Ashley Goldberg's shop would be a great example of this!
    Ashley Goldberg print ($20.00) from Ashley G on Etsy

Do you have any other items you might suggest that are good for growing with a child and/or a family? I’m always looking for great multitasking products!

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