10 Baby Products Every Grandma Should Own

On the day my mom became a grandma, she owned absolutely zero baby gear. But over the course of the past eight years, she has become a grandma nine times over. And on my husband’s side of the family, there are 19 grand kids, most of whom are young enough to still be wearing diapers.

Both grandma’s houses are well stocked when it comes to baby gear. Because whether you’re just popping in to say “hi”, or visiting for the weekend, knowing grandma has the baby essentials ready and waiting is just so nice.

For the most part, the gear that my mom and mother-in-law have is basic and inexpensive, not necessarily the stuff I would want to use everyday. But because grandma’s gear isn’t going to be used on a daily basis, it doesn’t have to be top of the line.

10 Baby Products Every Grandma Should Own:

  • Pack N’ Play 1 of 10
    Pack N' Play
    A simple, inexpensive no-frills pack n' play is all you need when it comes to napping at grandma's. Takes up less room than a crib, and can easily be packed up and stored away when not in use.
    Graco Pack N' Play ($60) from Amazon
  • Bibs 2 of 10
    Keep a few bibs stashed away in a kitchen drawer. Have them ready and waiting, because trust me, they will get their fair share of use.
    Pack of 3 Bibs ($10.49) from Amazon
  • Booster Seat 3 of 10
    Booster Seat
    No need to invest in a large, cumbersome high chair. This portable booster seat will totally do the trick, and is easily stored away in a closet when not in use.
    Booster Seat ($25) from Amazon
  • Changing Pad 4 of 10
    Changing Pad
    With the help of a soft contoured changing pad, any surface can quickly become a fully functioning changing table.
    Changing Pad ($15.50) from Amazon
  • Lighweight Stroller 5 of 10
    Lighweight Stroller
    While it won't be as good as the one back home, knowing grandma has a simple inexpensive stroller to use when you visit will save tons of room in the car, and will be one less thing to remember to pack.
    Stroller ($37) from Amazon
  • Potty Seat 6 of 10
    Potty Seat
    I've never enjoyed having to lug a potty seat around and have always been so thankful grandma stores one under her bathroom sink.
    Potty Seat ($9.99) from Amazon
  • Feeding Set 7 of 10
    Feeding Set
    Just one plate, spoon, and fork is all you need. Having a few necessities like these make meal time so much more manageable.
    Feeding Set ($20) from Amazon
  • Bouncer 8 of 10
    Eat, sleep or play, this seat is 100% worth it's while.
    Bouncer ($29) from Amazon
  • Sippy cups 9 of 10
    Sippy cups
    Grandma's sofa will than her later for these no-spill toddler cups!
    Sippy Cups 2 for ($7.99) from Amazon
  • Toys 10 of 10
    You don't need a whole play rooms worth, but a few fun toys go a long way when it comes to playing at grandma's house.
    Toy Piano ($12) from Amazon

Most of the stuff listed above can easily be found secondhand at garage sales or consignment shops and don’t need to be purchased new.

And in addition to the list, I’ve also found it extremely helpful for grandma to stock other perishable stuff like a few diapers, wipes, maybe a baby thermometer and a bottle of infant pain reliever. You know, the basics.

When your kids go to grandma’s, does she have all the gear you need?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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