10 Beauty Products Busy Moms Can Borrow From Baby

Let’s face it. You’re a Mom. Sometimes you don’t have time to wash your hair, let alone shower before your little one is screaming for you. You run out of your face wash before you can hit the local Target. You barely have time to apply lipgloss. I know, we’ve all been there. Especially me. But what you probably didn’t realize is that there is a whole stock of baby items that will work just as well in your beauty routine.  I constantly find myself reaching for Grayson’s gentle ointments that work perfect for the wrinkles that are appearing from lack of sleep under my eyes. Or perhaps his Vaseline, which hits the spot on my dry lips. The gentle formulas are perfect for us Moms too! So go ahead, steal a few things from baby, you’ll thank me later once you check-out my favorites.

Click-through beauty products I’ve totally stolen from Grayson, and my other kids too. 

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    Click-through 10 beauty items you can steal from baby -- and see just how I use them. 

  • MD Moms Cleansing Towelettes 2 of 11

    A few weeks ago I was at the beach and after jumping into the ocean, I realized my mascara was running down my face. Clearly, not waterproof. I reached into my diaper bag for some wipes, but not just any wipes. Grayson's cleansing wipes are what I usually use for his boogie filled nose because they are so gentle and moisturizing. An alcohol-free blend of vitamins E and B5, organic aloe along with white ginger and bisabolol (which is from chamomile!) both soothe and calm any irritation from his nose, or any part of his body. But -- they work amazing on my lashes too. 

    Buy them from MD Moms for $12

  • Teething Ring 3 of 11

    Puffy eyes from all those sleepless nights with your baby? Forget cucumbers, you don't have time for all that cutting. Borrow your little one's teething ring! Grayson looks at me and giggles but it works like a charm on your puffy under-eyes and quickly diminishes the signs of red and puffy pretty quick. Take it right from the freezer and before you put it back, just don't forget to wash it. Pssst...the octopus is the perfect shape for tired eyes. 

    Buy the trio set on Amazon for $17



  • Burt Bee’s Multipurpose Ointment 4 of 11

    Talk about multipurpose for a fraction of the price. This all-natural blend of shea butter and coconut oil is the perfect petroleum-free treat for your skin. Every night I put a little on my worn out feet and not only does it soften cracked heels but it's great to have for chapped lips and fine lines around those tired eyes. 

    Buy it from Burt Bee's for $9

  • Baby Powder 5 of 11

    Baby powder may be used on those little bums but it works great as a dry shampoo. Talk about pump up the volume in your hair. Running to a playdate but no time to shower? Sprinkle on your roots and brush it away. No one will ever know. But, they may be jealous of what a great hair day your having. 

    Buy Baby Powder from for $5

  • Shampoo and Body Wash Combo 6 of 11

    My hair is so thin so I've actually always used a baby fine shampoo that doesn't weigh my hair down. With a nice soft scent it's ultra gentle and promotes a healthy scalp. Better yet, it works as a body wash and is perfect for those with itchy, dry, and sensitive skin. It makes Grayson's skin so soft. 

    Buy it from California Baby for $20.99


  • Baby Oil 7 of 11

    I've always loved the smell of baby oil and how smooth it makes Grayson's skin. But, another thing I love about it is how smooth it makes my legs after shaving. And, is it my imagination or does it give your skin a little bit of added glow? I think yes! It works so great on dry skin, especially with the colder months ahead. 

    Buy it from for $5

  • Detangling Spray 8 of 11

    While Grayson is completely bald, I have a friend who has a 6 month with more hair than me. So yes, some have got some serious locks. A detangling spray is a must in our household and I am constantly grabbing my kids. Tangled Tantrum is a light weight leave-in detangler that doesn't just condition -- it adds body and always leaves my hair healthy. The added pro-vitamin B5 adds shine too and oh the smell -- you won't believe how great it smells. 

    Buy it from Tangled Tantrum for $14

  • Baby Oatmeal 9 of 11

    Grayson has never been a fan of baby oatmeal and boy, do I have my fair share left over. Works just like a charm when it comes to exfoliating dry skin. You can just mix a little in with your body wash and your good to go. Or sooth irritated skin or a rash by pouring in the bathtub. 

    Buy it from Earth Best's for $4

  • Bubble Bath 10 of 11

    Take me away....Green Babies. Oh yes, this calming bubble bath works like a charm after a long day in mommyhood. After you pamper baby and get him or her to bed, the calming bubble bath combined with vanilla and organic lavender extracts calms frazzled nerves. 

    Buy it from Green Babies for $10.99

  • Vaseline 11 of 11

    Vaseline is a family-friendly favorite. It's not just for baby! It works great for chapped lips, dry patches on the skin and helps dry eyelids too. It's a multi-purpose skin protectant that every mom is sure to love. Oh, let's not forget those pesky cuticles too. 

    Buy it from for $4

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