8 Best Lovies for Babies

best lovies for babies

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We all know that babies need their lovies. Whether it’s a security blanket, favorite soft toy, or a mix of both, these items are so important for comforting little ones. We’ve rounded up a few of the best lovies that for babies of various ages.

1. Under the Nile Bunny Blanket Friend

image source: amazon

Since your child might spend years rubbing his little face on his lovey and even chewing on it, this 100% certified organic Egyptian cotton one is a good bet — once your baby’s at least six months old.

Available now from Amazon for $16.00

2. Aden + Anais Issi Muslin Security Blanket

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

The single-layer, open-weave design of these 100% natural cotton muslin security blankets make them a great choice for babies under six months, and they come in a variety of sweet patterns and colors.

Available now from Amazon for $19.95 (pack of 2)

3. Angel Dear Blankie

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

These deliciously soft blankies come in a veritable zoo of options — brown monkey, blue hippo, green frog and more. Like all lovey-stuffed animal combos, this one is best for babies over six months old.

Available now from Amazon for $12.35

4. Little Giraffe Chenille Travel Blanky

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

These lovies are soft, fluffy chenille edged in satin, a fabric whose texture some babies find extra soothing. The downside to the trim is that it doesn’t hold up so well over time, so best to buy multiples for back up.

Available now from Amazon for $32.00

5. Swaddle Designs Organic Cotton Baby Lovie

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

The organic cotton SwaddleDesigns lovies are a perfect size (somewhere around 12×12 to 16×16 works well for both portability and safety — this one is 14×14) and we love the modern print!

Available now from Amazon for $19.99

6. Swanette Baby Blanket

image source: kip&co

Featuring a beautiful swan pattern, this blanket is made of a woven wool material to keep your little one snug.

Available now from Kip&Co for $59

7. The DIY Option: Organic Bamboo Velour

Image Source: Amazon

If you don’t see a lovey that suits you, or you’re feeling up for an easy craft project, consider making your own — that way you can choose the size and fabric.

Available now from Amazon for $12.45/yard

8. Another DIY Option: Cut a Swaddling Blanket Down to Size

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Take a set of cotton muslin swaddling blankets, cut multiple squares to the size you wish and hem the edges to prevent fraying. Breathable and lightweight, these are a great option for young babies.

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