10 Best Products for When You’re On-The-Go With Baby

I am always on-the-go. Always. Almost everyday I am heading somewhere — running errands, headed to the doctor, sitting in the carpool line — and, well, there are a few products I literally couldn’t survive without. Here’s why:

  1. Because they make my life easier as a mom
  2. Because I like to always be extra-prepared when on-the-go
  3. Because you never know when you’re going to be stranded on the road with a flat tire (which has happened three times to me this year)

Being prepared goes far beyond what’s inside the diaper bag — it’s about the car, too! From the car seat to things I always carry inside the car. As a Mom, you need to always be prepared.

Click through for the 10 best products for when  you’re on-the-go with baby! You can thank me later. 

  • Let’s Go! 1 of 11
    on the go with baby

    You're always on-the-go with a baby! Click through for 10 products that will make life easier as you head out the door. 

  • A Car Seat You Can Trust 2 of 11

    Safety first! When traveling with baby, the number one thing you'll need is a carseat. The NextFit from Chicco is the easiest convertible car seat to install correctly -- every time. If baby loves their car seat, you'll be able to enjoy road trips with you little one. Grayson can't wait to get in the car and go and I thank the car seat for this reason. Plus, it is a reclining car seat that has adjustable height and harness for a custom fit and the ReclineSure 9-position Leveling System adjusts with just one hand for an accurate fit in a wide range of vehicles. I can actually install it myself! The cup holder has been a lifesaver and the fabric is so easy to clean. I can just wipe with a damp cloth and it's good as new! Seriously, it's a parent's dream. 

    Buy the NextFit Car Seat from Chicco

  • Tiny Traveler 3 of 11

    Let your tiny traveler rest easy because you will, too. How many times have you stopped to fix a slanting head? Let's be honest. We all have pulled over when baby seems a little uncomfortable. A neck rest that is sized perfectly for littles ones is great to tote around and always have in the car -- whether it's running errands or a family trip. 

    Buy it from Skip Hop for $13


  • Wet Bag 4 of 11

    OK, a wet bag is just a must! No brainer here. Perfect for the soiled clothing, traveling, swimwear -- and pretty much anything you need to keep your diaper bag dry. Seams are sealed for no odors and no leaks and zippers instead of velcro. It's an added bonus when you can score it in a super-stylish print too! 

    Buy it from Itzy Ritzy for $17.95

  • The Perfect Diaper Bag 5 of 11

    It's a handbag, it's a diaper bag. It's a multi-tasking mommas dream. Here's why -- it includes a 16 pocket "baby bag" that carries everything you need on-the-go. If you are heading to daycare or daddy is on duty, you just pop two magnetic snaps, life out the baby bag and you are ready to go. No need to carry two bags! It converts to a luxurious and sophisticated tote in literally a second. OK, so your husband might see it differently but this made our "mandatory must-have" list for heading out the door with baby. 

    Buy it from Lily Jade for $320

  • Extras, Extras! 6 of 11

    It's one of those days where nothing goes as planned. You leave your diaper bag at home, you're late to the doctors office, you have no time to go back. Mom tip: Pack extras of all of the essentials in the car. I have an extra bag with diapers, wipers, snacks and clothes just in case of an emergency. It's always good to be prepared! If you ever forget your diaper bag or have any type of situation and run out of those essentials, you'll always have more. But -- don't forget to re-stock. 

    Shop baby essentials from Zutano

  • Fork + Spoon Set 7 of 11

    Believe it or not, you'll whip out a utensil kit more often then you think because it's much easier to feed baby on-the-go with sized utensils for baby. 

    Buy it from ZoLi Baby for $8

  • Portable Highchair 8 of 11
    phil and teds.png

    Clearly you can't carry the high chair every time you head out the door with baby. But how many times have you been out and about, you decide to eat, but then problem -- no place for baby! The phil+teds wriggle wrapper gives you freedom from restaurant high chairs and is great when heading to a friends house to because it secures your child safety to sit and play. 

    Buy it now from phil+teds for $49.99

  • Snack Box 9 of 11

    Snacks, snacks, snacks! You can never have enough and it's always great to stock-up before you head out the door. A snack box is something you should always have in your diaper bag. 

    Buy it from Boon for $17.99

  • Blankets 10 of 11

    Don't just pack a blanket in your diaper bag, always leave one with your carseat -- it's a must! Have extra blankets for older children as well incase they want to cozy-up and take a nap in traffic. Especially in the winter months -- it keeps baby warm while your car heater warms up. 

    Buy a Stroller Blanket form Stokke for $69.99

  • Pacifier Storage 11 of 11
    Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.31.59 AM.png

    I swear, pacifiers are like socks in the dryer - they always disappear. Especially when you need them the most. Having a pacifier pod not just in your diaper bag but in your car as well works for easy back-up. It can attach anywhere as you head in and out of the store but at the same time -- it's a clean and accessible home for the beloved binky. Better yet - it's machine washable and you can even toss it in the dishwasher. Score!

    Buy it from JJ Cole for $7.95

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