The 10 Best Things About Being a Parent

best parentingTuesday I wrote about the 9 toughest parts of parenting for me (so far), and it only seemed appropriate that I counter some of the unintentionally Debbie Downer-ness of that post with the wonderful parts of parenting. Because the thing is, being a parent is also completely awesome. While I could come up with only 9 really tough things about being a parent (so far), I was able to come up with upwards of 20 good things, because seriously, it’s just the most fun I’ve ever had.

There are a lot of things in the future that I imagine will also be great- going to parks and playing with friends and all kinds of other milestones that we have to look forward to. But right now, at 9 months in, these are the 10 best things about being a parent.

  • Snuggles 1 of 10
    My baby isn't much of a snuggler, but there are a few precious minutes a day where he just wants to be held. He prefers snuggles from dad (often I am chopped liver), but when I get them, I savor every moment.
  • Clothes 2 of 10
    I know that my baby isn't my dress up doll, but...well, it's still fun to dress him up. The clothing options are nothing short of completely adorable with the monkeys and clever puns and action figures. We got a million hand-me-downs from friends so we haven't had to buy many clothes, but what we have bought has been so much fun to pick out and put on.
  • New Milestones and Achievements 3 of 10
    New Milestones and Achievements
    Watching Eli master a new skill is one of the coolest parts of parenting, to me. I love seeing him figure out how he wants to do things and how he adjusts when something doesn't work the way he planned. And then, suddenly, he's a pro at it. Plus the look of pride on his face when he figures something out is priceless.
  • Baby Voices 4 of 10
    Baby Voices
    From when they are teeny tiny infants, all the little bitty grunts and squeaks are precious. Then you get cooing, followed by babbling. And while we're still in the babbling stage, I would rank hearing my son vocalize things- pleasure, displeasure, excitement, as well as just figuring out how to make sounds, high on the list of awesome things about parenting. I cannot wait until he starts talking because I love his tiny little voice so much.
  • Constant Excitement 5 of 10
    Constant Excitement
    At the age we're at right now, it seems like just about everything is exciting. When he sees someone new, when he finds a toy (or non-toy) he forgot about, when we walk into a new building, there is just this constant sense of joy and it is infectious. Sometimes he gets so excited about things that he bounces until he topples over. Watching Eli get excited about life has made me infinitely more excited as well.
  • New Experiences…all over again 6 of 10
    New Experiences...all over again
    This past weekend we took Eli to Disneyland for the first time and it was as though it was my first time there. He didn't get a lot of it and was unimpressed by parts, but watching his excitement at the scenery, watching him take in the sights on several rides, it was like a whole new experience even though I've been to Disneyland 15-20 times.
  • Being Needed 7 of 10
    Being Needed
    This one probably sounds weird, but there's something really cool about being needed. My child loves other people, loves his dad for entertainment, loves his babysitter, but when he is not feeling well or is tired, he wants me. He needs me. And even though he patently refuses to say mama and when asked says dada, I know that I am needed and loved and it feels really, really good.
  • The Firsts 8 of 10
    The Firsts
    I think I'm going to be most sad when Eli turns 1 because he will have passed so many of his firsts. His first Christmas and Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day and Chanukah are already behind us. And while there are still first days of school and first kisses and all of that, I'm almost a little sad because the firsts are so much fun. They feel so important and exciting. And of course, they come with adorable clothes.
  • Baby Kisses 9 of 10
    Baby Kisses
    I refused to kiss my baby on his lips for a very long time because it just seemed unnecessarily germy (for him). However, my husband has been working, practically since birth, to teach my son how to give kisses and now he is a pro. Every time you ask or if you even get close to him, he leans in and gives kisses. He also kisses all his stuffed animals and his seal bath tub and though moist, it is pretty much the most adorable thing there has ever been.
  • Belly Laughs 10 of 10
    Belly Laughs
    If you can hear a baby belly laugh and not even crack a smile, I question the state of your soul. I think that there are few things better in this entire world than a laugh and especially when they come from babies and little kids. I wish I could bottle the sound of Eli's baby laughs up forever.

That’s my narrowed down list, what are your favorite parts about being a parent?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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