10 Bunny Items to Put in Baby’s Easter Basket

Avery received a bunny lovie when she was born. I put it in her crib so that she had something to comfort her when she went to sleep. I’ve always kept it in her crib and won’t let her take it out because I want her to associate it with sleep and bedtime. She loves that bunny and immediately grabs it as soon as she gets into her crib. She keeps a tight hold on it all night.

Once she was able to pull herself up, I noticed that the bunny kept getting pulled out of the crib. She walked around with it and even hugged it and continuously gave it kisses. She even started grabbing her sister’s bunny and did the same thing. I quickly began to realize that Avery had a love for all things bunny.

This Easter I decided to give in to Avery’s love of bunnies and will fill it with only bunny items. She is going to have an Easter full of the animal that she loves.

  • Avery’s Bunny 1 of 11
    Avery's Bunny
    Here is Avery's bunny that she wants to bring with her everywhere. I used her little bunny love for inspiration behind all of my Easter Basket gifts.
  • Hape Bunny Push & Pull 2 of 11
    Hape Bunny Push & Pull
    Since Avery is walking, she's really big into pushing and pulling things all over the apartment. She would love this little bunny pull toy.
    Get it from Amazon for $24.47
  • Bunny Money Jar 3 of 11
    Bunny Money Jar
    My husband always gives his spare change to the girls at the end of the day. We have a piggy bank for Harlan, but I'd love to get one for Avery so that she can keep her own money. This bunny one is so cute and is perfect for Easter.
    Get it from Pottery Barn Kids for $39.00
  • Guess How Much I Love You Jack in the Box 4 of 11
    Guess How Much I Love You Jack in the Box
    One of our friends had a jack in the box at their house and Avery fell quickly in love. She laughed every time the thing popped up. I think that this bunny jack in the box would make her even more happy because it's her favorite animal.
    Get it from Amazon for $59.99
  • Flopsy Bunny Hair Clip 5 of 11
    Flopsy Bunny Hair Clip
    Avery has very little hair, but it's starting to grow in a little bit. I have a couple of these little girls hair clips from Giddy Giddy for my oldest daughter and surprisingly they stay in with even a little wispy hairs. The floppy ear is my favorite part of this hair clip.
    Get it from Giddy Giddy for $8.00
  • Blossom’s Bye Bye Bunny 6 of 11
    Blossom's Bye Bye Bunny
    My oldest daughter Harlan has had this bunny since she was born. She sleeps with it every single night. Lately I've noticed that Avery has tried to take it from her so that she can have two lovies. Rather than letting her continue to take it, I'll just get her her own.
    Get it from Bunnies by the Bay for $17.00
  • Peter Rabbit Little Box of Books 7 of 11
    Peter Rabbit Little Box of Books
    I read the girls a book every single night before bed. I think that Avery would love the touch and feel books included in this set.
    Get it from Amazon for $4.44
  • Bunny Ruffle Print Dress 8 of 11
    Bunny Ruffle Print Dress
    I think just looking at this dress speaks for itself. The perfect little dress for spring.
    Get it from Gap for $34.95
  • Sherpa Bunny Ears 9 of 11
    Sherpa Bunny Ears
    She will probably wear these for 2.5 seconds, but I thought that getting these for both girls for a photo would be the cutest on Easter day.
    Get it from Pottery Barn Kids for $12.00
  • Peter Rabbit Easter Basket Liner 10 of 11
    Peter Rabbit Easter Basket Liner
    Her love of bunnies can be carried on throughout each Easter with these adorable liners that feature the classic Peter Rabbit.
    Get it from Pottery Barn Kids for $11.99-$14.99
  • Peter Rabbit Dish Set 11 of 11
    Peter Rabbit Dish Set
    Avery is just starting to eat dinner off of her own plate rather than me feeding her. This would be a great set for her to be able to use as she gets older.
    Get it from Gap for $24.95

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