10 Crazy Baby Products

When I found out I was pregnant with Avery, I knew that I was going to have to update some of my baby gear because there were so many great baby items in the short two years since I had my oldest daughter Harlan. I searched online and in stores to see what the latest and greatest baby items were and that I had to have. During my search I was so surprised to find out how many great baby products were invented, but I was also surprised to find out how many ridiculous baby products are out there as well.

There are many problems that we, as parents, encounter when we bring our baby home. Companies are trying to fix those problems for us by marketing the most crazy baby products out there.

For more totally ridiculous baby products, check out the full list from The Huffington Post!

  • Crazy Baby Products 1 of 11
    Crazy Baby Products
    Take a look at 10 of the most ridiculous baby products being marketed to parents.
  • The Over-the-Door Baby Hanger 2 of 11
    The Over-the-Door Baby Hanger
    I know going to the bathroom with a little one is tough, but this doesn't seem to be the answer to our problem.
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  • Designer Barf Bags 3 of 11
    Designer Barf Bags
    Let's not try to make morning sickness glamourous. I know first hand how bad morning sickness can be, but I definitely didn't need a pretty bag to do my business. Any trash can,toilet, or brown paper bag would do just fine.
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  • The Crumb Cap 4 of 11
    The Crumb Cap
    Meal time can be messy with little ones, but I know that a washcloth or a bath can do wonders for clean up.
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  • Baby Bottle Formula Dispenser 5 of 11
    Baby Bottle Formula Dispenser
    This thing actually has little pods of formula for dispensing. Are we really that lazy that we can't fix a bottle the old fashioned way?
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  • Baby Butt Fan 6 of 11
    Baby Butt Fan
    I don't know any mom that has a baby that will actually sit still long enough during a diaper change to use this product. And if you are really worried about diaper rash, there are plenty of creams that you can apply that will do the same thing in a fraction of the time it would take to even turn this thing on!
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  • Ribs Teether 7 of 11
    Ribs Teether
    How about we just wait until your little one is old enough to eat ribs rather than giving them this? I'm all for novelty products, but this might be a little too much.
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  • Baby Poop Alarm 8 of 11
    Baby Poop Alarm
    I have a baby poop alarm that costs me nothing. It's called my nose.
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  • The Snozzie 9 of 11
    The Snozzie
    Runny noses are common with little ones, however I don't think I need a cloth tissue attached to my wrist to tackle the problem.
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  • Baby Mop 10 of 11
    Baby Mop
    Both of my girls have been pros on finding every little piece of dust that I've missed while cleaning. They do it just because they want to get into everything. I don't need to put them to work or take advantage of a baby crawling on the floor. Let's save the chores for later on and cherish the baby we have.
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  • The Peekaru 11 of 11
    The Peekaru
    I've carried both of my kids in a baby carrier when its cold out. Rather than getting this crazy looking cover up, I've just put them in a jacket, hat, and gloves. They worked just fine.
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