10 Creative Ways to Capture Monthly Baby Photos

10 creative ideas for capturing monthly baby photos
10 creative ideas for capturing monthly baby photos

Do you capture monthly photos of your baby?

We did with our third child, with our fourth – let’s just say we went the candid photos route. Sure, capturing monthly may require a monthly reminder on your phone, but at the end of the first year – you will know taking that time to do this is worth it.

Here is some creative inspiration for capturing your baby’s monthly growth – check these out:

10 Creative Ways to Capture Monthly Baby Photos

  • Chair and Chalk Board Paint 1 of 10
    These darling photos of Rory and Quinn were taken on a monthly on a chair with a chalk board wall behind them documenting how old they are in each photo. Image source: apartmenttherapy.com
  • A Fabulous Eames Rocker and a Ribbon 2 of 10
    Ray grows before our eyes in a fabulous Eames rocker - all while wearing a ribbon displaying how old he is in months! (in months - ugh, I'd be wearing a ribbon that says 402 months) His clever mom is Nicole from Making it Lovely, who happens to be a Babble blogger. (<a href="https://www.babble.com/family-style/author/nicolebalch/" target='_blank"Read Nicole's babblings here.) Image source: makingitlovely.com
  • Fabric Background and Photoshop 3 of 10
    Leave it to the cleavers behind Young House Love to come up with a creative way to document their baby's growth - except they did this WEEKLY! Each week they put their daughter Clara in a white onesie and on a new piece of fabric to photograph. The weeks on her onesie were photoshopped in. image source: younghouselove.com
  • Jumbo Calendar, Yes Please 4 of 10
    Each month, this mom takes a photo of her baby on a Stendig calendar. This calendar from Amazon(referral) would be awesome for monthly photos!
    image source: apartmenttherapy.com
  • Keeping it Simple 5 of 10
    This is Pierre and his mom has the same idea I have. She took random shots from his first year and created a collage of photos representing a favorite from each month. Nice and easy! My kind of mom! image source: ahhphotography.com
  • Laundry Basket Photography 6 of 10
    Another fabulous Pinterest find, but without a source. Kudos to the clever photographer who shot this baby in a laundry basket each month! How fun to watch baby grow. There is nothing the same in each photo, with the exception of the same laundry basket. Again, an easy creative idea for capturing a monthly baby photo.
    Pinterest source: https://pinterest.com/pin/82612974384698582/
  • Baby Session 7 of 10
    This mom schedules a baby session each month. Then on the photo, she edits in his memorable moments that happened. The modern baby book - loves it!
    image source: clickitupanotch.com
  • Fun Felt Letters 8 of 10
    Lucien's monthly photo captures him with the words "I am ……" however many months he is that month in felt letters! How cute! The end photo showing him with messed up letters completes this monthly photo collage.
    image source: famillesummerbelle.typepad.com
  • Fabulous Photo Setup! 9 of 10
    Momtog captures he baby Kennedy's photos with this FABULOUS setup. Check out that turquoise chair and damask black and white background. Kennedy's onesie features how old she in and then balloons for how many ever months!
    image source: momtog.com
  • Oversized Sock Monkey 10 of 10
    Here is our third child's first year documented. It had been a while since we had a baby and I kind of went over board on a lot of things with this baby. His baby nursery was done in sock monkeys, so we used his oversized sock monkey as a prop each month.

Do You Capture Monthly Photos of Your Baby?

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