10 Cute Nursing Pillow Covers

This graphic pattern comes from House of Henderson on Etsy.

Did I say “cute?” Things have come quite a long way since I bought my nursing pillow just three years ago.

I’m surprised to be writing this, but I think some of the fabric designs and options from these Etsy sellers are borderline cool. And I’ve never quite thought “nursing pillow” and “cool” belonged in the same sentence … at least not until one can help me nurse comfortably and change my baby’s diaper. (Wink.)

Since the nursing pillow is pretty much a staple around the house (and sometimes I feel like it’s part of my outfit), I figure it should look good, as well as do its job.

Click through to see 10 designs that I’m considering for my Boppy.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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