10 DIY Valentine (Anytime) Surprises & Free Tutorials: For Baby

Yarn Wrapped Letters

Sure. Your baby doesn’t have a clue about Valentine’s Day. Which does not mean you can’t do something special for them.

For me, it’s about taking the time to do something special for them, that I’ve been meaning to do. Time is a precious commodity around here and is truly one of the greatest gifts I can give Lil’ Abner.

I’ve been collecting magical ideas on Pinterest, DIY tutorials on projects I’d like to take-on to create awesome spaces for my littles. Their environment is so important.

Some of the best toys are not store-bought and will reap the grandest smiles of all. From DIY Shel Silverstein prints to frame (free printables!) to montessori play ideas, this is not your average list of things to buy for your baby for V-Day. Because that would be silly. But that’s just me. Some ah-may-zing ideas and free tutorials after the jump! Amazing.

  • Yarn Letters 1 of 12
    Yarn Letters
    Abby is now full on into the tactile world of discovery. Which, if her brother has laid down any clues for us, we can expect her to be smitten with letters. Of which we of course would hope. The options for making these are endless. A few big ones that are interchangeable; perched on a dresser or as shelf decor, also handy for taking down for baby to play with during diaper change, or smaller ones, boasting the whole alphabet - for play-time in general. If you plan on making these (like I do), for you baby to play with, chances are - they will end up in their mouth so you may want to use organic cotton yarn.
    Find the DIY tute here, via My Sister's Suitcase
  • Play-Space Crochet Rug 2 of 12
    Play-Space Crochet Rug
    From sheets! Yes, you need time for this one. So maybe it won't be ready for V day, but who cares! You made your own rug! Out of sheets! Or bamboo jersey strips made into yarn), or whatever other soft fabric you want to make into yarn balls for this project. We have hardwood floors throughout our house, so buying area rugs can get expensive. My goal has been to create soft nooks around the house for the littles to discover, roll around, play and read in. We need a rug at the foot of our bed for early morning times such as this, a soft and sweet circular rug would make everyone's toes happy, not just Abby's!
    Find the DIY tute here, via Creative Jewish Mom
  • Montessori-Style Mirror & Bar 3 of 12
    Montessori-Style Mirror & Bar
    Not just for mini ballerinas, this is a unisex winner. Hung at ground level, this looks like a pretty easy project - one that I've been meaning to put in to action. All babies love to look at themselves and play in the mirror, the addition of the bar to help them develop their hand/eye and muscle coordination is brilliant. With lots of padding/mats laid down of course. So if you like this idea? Get on down to the Home Depot and hook yourself up with the necessary materials. G'won, everything you need is right there in that picture. Easy peasy. It's what I'm telling myself too.
    Photo Credit via: Cara Jordan on Pinterest
  • Sensory Treasure Basket 4 of 12
    Sensory Treasure Basket
    As soon as I found this idea on the internets, you can bet I put it into play. Abby was immediately transfixed and engulfed for well over an hour. That's some baby #winning right there. Or mommy #winning. Both. This project is so quick and easy...with immediate happy baby results.
    Find out how to make one here, via Modern Parents Messy Kids
  • Play Mat / Bed in a Bag 5 of 12
    Play Mat / Bed in a Bag
    Very cute idea from my friend Dory! Sew five pillow cases together and insert pillows. Voila. Instant play-mat for a baby, which can grow with them as a bed in a bag, for sleepovers or nap-time. You know a couple of these would be perfect under the previously mentioned mirror bar, right?
    Idea source via: Dory Smith Graham on Pinterest
  • Mod Mobile 6 of 12
    Mod Mobile
    Make this eye-catcher for under a buck.
    According to the tute as found here anyways, via Dollar Store Crafts
  • Mini Wardrobe 7 of 12
    Mini Wardrobe
    Short on accessible clothing storage for you babe's room that looks good? Convert an old thrift store or garage sale dresser into a mini wardrobe! Take out all but the bottom drawer. Paint it if you want. Cover up the sides/back with wallpaper. Install a rod. You choose the wallpaper and mirror for the side. Go to town. This project looks pretty easy and darling.
    Photo Credit: Lindsay Mick on Pinterest
  • Shel Silverstein Love Affair 8 of 12
    Shel Silverstein Love Affair
    Right here. Perhaps you do too. One that you'd like to pass down to your babe.
    Photo Credit: Lindsay Mick on Pinterest
    Get the printables here, via: Shel Silverstein
  • Scrapbook Letters 9 of 12
    Scrapbook Letters
    Bare walls? These scrapbook letters will look great just about anywhere. Nursery, playroom, even the living room. These are some stylin' letters. Babies love letters. They continue to love them well past toddler-hood. This is good. Create spaces they will be inspired by and love to learn and play in.
    Get the DIY tute here, via: JBS Merchantile
  • Hood to Headrest Mei Tai 10 of 12
    Hood to Headrest Mei Tai
    Baby-wearing. It's what enables me to get stuff done. That and Abby loves it. Studies show that all babies love it. That it's very, very good for them. All these wraps and carries though? Mucho donero. Why not try making your own? A very sweet gift for you both, indeed.
    DIY tute found here, via: Still Learning Life
  • Bracket Bookshelves 11 of 12
    Bracket Bookshelves
    I don't know about you, but we have books everywhere around here. Which is excellent, but requires more storage. Ideally, easy access storage for the littles that still looks nice. I adore the space-savng idea of these bracket shelves.
    Find the DIY tute here, via: Centsational Girl
  • Hula Hoop Fort 12 of 12
    Hula Hoop Fort
    Not just for big kids. I imagine this would play in nicely next to the ground level mirror back in slide #3, as shown to the left in this image here. Perfect for crawling babies who love to play hide and seek with you, discover new areas in cozy nooks and hidden treasures. This would be quite magical with the addition of some twinkle lights.
    Photo Credit via: Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard on Pinterest

So. What do you plan on doing for your little one for Valentine’s Day, if anything?

Top Image Via: My Sister’s Suitcase

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