10 Dresses for Baby Girl’s First Birthday

PicMonkey CollageI am right in the middle of planning for Avery’s first birthday party. I’ve got an idea of what I want the party to look like and who we would like to invite, but there is one important detail that I am having a lot of trouble with: I really want to find the perfect dress to help her celebrate her big day.

Maybe I am putting too much pressure on myself, but shopping for a first birthday dress is tough! She will be photographed in this dress and we will look back at it years from now. I don’t her looking back and saying, “Mom, what did you put me in?”

While searching for Avery’s birthday dress, I’ve narrowed the list down to 10 that I really love.

  • Striped Dress with Bow 1 of 10
    Striped Dress with Bow
    Right now this is currently the dress that I love the most. One of the colors I am using for Avery's birthday party is gold, so this dress would be perfect for it.
    Get it from Zara, $39.90
  • Tea Dress 2 of 10
    Tea Dress
    The peter pan collar with the blue trim is what sold me on this dress. It looks so classic. The little ruffled sleeves are cute too!
    Get it from Mini Boden $36.00
  • Polka Dot Dress with Little Bow 3 of 10
    Polka Dot Dress with Little Bow
    I am loving polka dots at the moment and when I saw this dress, I knew it had to be a contender. The bright blue color would look perfect on Avery with her bright blue eyes.
    Get it from Zara, $35.90
  • Applique Pinnie 4 of 10
    Applique Pinnie
    The little balloons on the front of this dress make it perfect for celebrating a first birthday. I love that it is lined with polka dots and has really great warm colors.
    Get it from Mini Boden $34.00
  • Pleated Dot Shift Dress 5 of 10
    Pleated Dot Shift Dress
    I told you that I have a thing for polka dots. I love the color on this dress and it is perfect as we head into spring. The pleat on the front of it takes it to another level.
    Get it from Gap, $24.95
  • Simple Kids Dark Blue Simple Florial Dress 6 of 10
    Simple Kids Dark Blue Simple Florial Dress
    The pleats on the front of this dress along with the little button at the top were my favorite parts of this dress. It's all about the details. Put that together with this great floral print and it would be great for Avery to wear to celebrate her first birthday.
    Get it from Kisan Store, $90.00
  • Eyelet Chambray Dress 7 of 10
    Eyelet Chambray Dress
    I love chambray and put it together with the eyelet details on the top of this dress, it looks amazing. I'd love for Avery to wear this dress with her gold moccasins and it would be so cute!
    Get it from Gap, $36.95
  • Floral Chiffon Dress 8 of 10
    Floral Chiffon Dress
    Ralph Lauren is always my go to for special occasions. They always have classic dresses that will never go out of style. This floral dress is the perfect combination of girly and elegant. I love it.
    Get it from Ralph Lauren, $55.00
  • Polka Dot Print Dress 9 of 10
    Polka Dot Print Dress
    Yes, another polka dot dress. The lace ruffles at the top of this dress are what made me love it so much. It makes a simple looking dress look a little bit dressier.
    Get it from Zara, $32.90
  • Zebra Stripe Flutter Dress 10 of 10
    Zebra Stripe Flutter Dress
    I love the stripes and the geometric patterns on this dress. The subtle hint of red at the top of this dress really make it stand out.
    Get it from Tea Collection, $35.00

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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