11 Essentials for New Moms: This Is the Care Package You Need

These simple things will never make it to a registry, and probably not a shower either. But boy are they great to have when you’re a new mom. These are the top recommendations I’ve made over and over to new moms everywhere, including myself three times over.

Lip Balm with a Hint of Color 1 of 11
With a subtle but yummy flavor and a hint of color, this lip balm is working overtime...and doing it on the cheap. One tube will only cost you $3.30, but you may as well spring for the 4-pack (at 10 bucks) to stash one in your purse, by the bed, in the diaper bag and one in the car too.
Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 2 of 11
And now a word about makeup. The last thing new moms need to worry about is getting glammed up. But there's still a woman inside that tired mommy who would like to be a little less shocked every time she looks in the mirror--not to mention all the photo ops these days. This tinted moisturizer is so rich and lovely that two quick pumps provides more than enough smooth coverage to even out coloring without overdoing it.

Best of all, any drugstore carries the Aveeno brand (as well as Target, Walmart and many grocery stores) so it's easy to find--and just as easy to afford: $16.99 at
A Few Flattering Tops 3 of 11
Your body has been through many changes so far and trust me, after having three babies of my own, I can say this for sure: You're not done yet. While things settle down up there (and everywhere), you might want a few tops that make you feel comfortable, in every sense of the word. This one from Loft is roomy enough to fit well but pretty enough for Date Night (don't laugh, you'll get there!)

$49.50 at Loft
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting 4 of 11
Most new moms have a morning routine involving water splashed on the face and a ponytail. Mascara and anything involving a pencil are probably out of the question right now, but you can still wake up with a fresh look every day with a little tinting. Prices usually range from $20-30 for each (eyelashes or eyebrows) and last for about a month.

I love Amazon Local for great deals on these kinds of things. Local spas with great prices = exactly what a new mom needs.
A Funny Book 5 of 11
You'll be tired but you'll still need a little stimulation and it should be light, funny and smart. I read Tina Fey's "Bossypants" with my second daughter and Nora Ephron's "I Remember Nothing" with my son. If I had a baby this year, I'd read this one, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" by Mindy Kaling. In fact, I will anyway.

Looking for something heavier? Try this list: Entertainment Weekly's best books of 2013, so far...
Healthy Snacks 6 of 11
You're going to be hungry, especially if you're breastfeeding, but figuring out how to function/feed yourself with a baby takes a while. In the meantime, stock up on high-protein bars like these from KIND ($107.50 for a case of 72 bars). Focus on natural ingredients and things to fill you up like nuts and dried fruit. You'll feel fuller longer, the weight will be easier to lose and your energy level will remain a little more stable.
Get Your Legs Waxed 7 of 11
Whether it's summer or winter, it's just such a pleasure to have nice and smooth legs--even better when they stay that way for weeks at a time. And that goes double if your new baby just made someone a big brother or sister in your house.

I have no affiliation with them at all but Amazon Local is my favorite source for spa services at a steal.
Pants with an Elastic Waist 8 of 11
Those skinny jeans can wait. Right now what you need is a cozy pair of pants that can accommodate a changing waistline for the next few weeks. This is just temporary so don't splurge. I love Old Navy for this kind of thing: soft, supportive and inexpensive.

$24.94 at Old Navy
Pretty, Comfy Shoes 9 of 11
High heels just didn't have a place in my life after giving birth. What I needed was comfort but while the rest of my body was readjusting, deflating and generally settling in for a new set of physical demands (carrying, holding, breastfeeding...) my feet could always be trusted to remain roughly the same size. That's why I suggest splurging on a special pair of shoes to enjoy every time you look down.

I love Birkenstocks like these in pretty pink, which are on sale right now at Zappos ($64.99) so I like 'em even more.
A Special Water Bottle 10 of 11
Super thirsty yet? You're losing all sorts of fluid these days, particularly if you're breastfeeding, and need to rehydrate constantly. Water is the best way to do it but drinking glasses and glasses (make that gallons and gallons) of the clear stuff gets old. I like to pick up a pretty new water bottle just to spice things up. (A pretty new tumbler would work too but a bottle won't spill.)

This design from Kor ($29.95) is so beautiful, useful and BPA-free that carrying it around with you is practically a pleasure.
Dry Shampoo 11 of 11
Because you might take a shower every day and you might not, dry shampoo is a modern miracle for new moms. Spray it on, shake your hair a little and carry on. And yes, it even smells nice.

got2be Rockin' It is on SALE right now at for $3.99
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