My 10 Month Old's 10 Favorite Finger Foods

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a baby food adventure mostly because Little Bean isn’t eating much baby food anymore. He’s self-feeding, making meal time MUCH easier for mommy.

Like most, if not all babies, he’s fickle. One day he LOVES banana, the next day he wants nothing to do with them. He’ll eat grapes with breakfast and then push them off his tray at lunch. It’s maddening!

However, these 10 things he’ll eat without complaint every. Single. Time …

  • Avocado 1 of 10
    Remember when I told you he wouldn't eat cubed avocado and he'd only eat it in pudding form? Well those days are over. This kid can pound a half of Avocado in 10 seconds flat. He loves it!
  • Beans 2 of 10
    You'd think plain beans would be quite bland and boring but Little Bean loves them. Black, kidney, pinto, butter, it doesn't matter! Just open the can, rinse and he's happy!
  • Canned Green Beans 3 of 10
    I can't believe I have 2 kids that both LOVE canned green beans. I have to keep a case in my pantry because we go through a can a day! It's amazing! And now that the no-salt ones are easier to find I have no worries.
  • Brown Rice 4 of 10
    It's sure is messy but man does Little Bean love taking a handful of rice and shoving it in his face. Maybe it's a texture thing?
  • Fresh Mozzarella 5 of 10
    Cheese sticks are still a little tough for a baby with no teeth, but soft fresh mozzarella is perfect! I buy it by the ball, cut small cubes for him and he devours it every time.
  • Whole Wheat Curly Pasta or Noodles 6 of 10
    I love pasta night. Everyone's happy with dinner, even baby. I make a little extra and put it on the side without sauce and Little Bean goes to town.
  • Cheerios 7 of 10
    You should see Little Beans face when I pull out the box of Cheerios in the morning. It's my go-to appetizer for him when making …
  • Eggs 8 of 10
    At 10 months he still has a sensitivity to the whites so I make him a 2 egg yolk omelet. He finishes every bite every time. Click here too see how i make it on video!
  • Peas 9 of 10
    Canned or frozen, Little Bean goes nuts for peas!
  • Banana Pancakes 10 of 10
    Homemade banana pancakes are now a favorite in my house for both kids! Click here for the recipe and to see Big Brother when he wasn't so big. 🙂

**Just a note that this isn’t a recommendation post. I’m sharing MY baby’s favorite foods, as the title suggests.


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