10 Favorite Moments Between a Daddy And His Daughter

When we found out we were expecting our second child, I was surprised to hear my husband say that he’d be thrilled if we had another girl. I figured that since we already had our little girl Harlan, he would want a little boy to run around with and play sports. It turns out that, although he would be outnumbered, he loves having girls around the house. It probably helps that they both happen to be major daddy’s girls too.

When we welcomed Avery into our lives, in many ways, my husband was experiencing her infancy for the very first time. He moved to New York for his job only six weeks after Harlan was born and missed many of her key moments for the first nine months. No late night feedings, monumental firsts, or just watching her initial experience with anything and everything.

It’s been so incredible to watch him tackle fatherhood like never before with our second daughter.

I asked my husband to look back on the last 17 months that he’s had with Avery and pick out some of his favorite memories.

Check out some of the special moments that they’ve shared, as told to me in his own words:

  • Daddy’s Girl 1 of 11
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    They're too cute!

  • First Moments 2 of 11

    "Watching your child being born into the world always an amazingly emotional experience. I remember feeling excited, happy, nervous and instantly in love. With Avery, being our second child, I also felt much more prepared for the journey ahead."

  • Cuddle Time 3 of 11

    "Being a daddy is hard work and sometimes I need a nap. Before going to bed, I like to grab Avery for some cuddle time in hopes that she naps with me. Rarely does it actually work, but it is still good quality time."

  • Worn Out 4 of 11

    "While Avery always has a blast during the Mets games, the post-game crash always hits hard. Daddy usually has to carry this sleeping girl home. While it seems young children can sleep through anything, I feel a special trust been Avery and I when walking through the New York subway. My protective instincts come out to make sure she gets a good nap and I get her home safely."

  • Sunny Beaches 5 of 11
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    "Four years ago, I moved from Florida to New York. I still have a soft spot for Florida Beaches. This summer we spent time on Miami Beach. I had a great time helping 'Little A' adjust to the sand and the water. Watching your child conquer their fears is an amazing feeling."

  • Hand in Hand 6 of 11
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    "For the second year in a row, our family has made a summer trip to the Hamptons. No trip would be complete without a visit to the Montauk lighthouse. This year was particularly special, because Avery is getting old enough to hold your hand and walk. This is a great 'dad' feeling."

  • A First 7 of 11

    "Avery and I had our first cruise experience this February. Seven days in the caribbean was the perfect break from the nagging New York winter. This ship had the perfect mix of children, adult, and family activities, but Avery and I mostly enjoyed the incredible views every morning from our balcony. It's a special moment when you get to experience a first for both you and your child. One that I'll never forget."

  • Shady Days 8 of 11
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    "Avery and I both have fair skin, so we have to be smart about how we play at the beach. When the sun is at it's peak, Avery and I like to sit in our tent. Being a news junkie, I like to multi-task by catching up on currents and talking with this very chatty toddler. We have learned to turn our limitations on how we play in the sun, into a great time to bond even further with each other."

  • Baseball Baby 9 of 11

    "Last year, our family went to our first Mets game. The Citi Field experience made us instant fans. This year, we have been fortunate to attend several games. I thought children would have a tough time watching nine innings of baseball, but Avery always finds a way to stay interested in the game. I can't wait to take her to many more games and watch our love of the game continue to grow!"

  • Berry Picking 10 of 11

    "Every fall our family has gone upstate to pick apples, but this summer we made our first attempt at berry picking. It was a sweaty experience in the hot sun, but we all had a great time. We sat Avery on a wagon with our berries. It seemed like our berry cartons were bottomless because Avery kept eating the berries after we picked them. I will always keep that memory of the sweet little berry thief and the berry evidence she left on her face. I find trips like this are so important for building special memories."

  • The Great Outdoors 11 of 11

    "Holidays are family days and the Fourth of July is one of the best. Our family had a patriotic picnic in Central Park. After enjoying sandwiches and fresh fruit, I helped this city kid get used to this strange flooring known as grass. Once she was comfortable on the grass, we worked on her throw and catch skills. Living in the city, getting my children to connect with the great outdoors is very important to me. Helping 'Litte A' overcome her fear of grass, feels like a great victory."

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