10 Frustrating Inevitabilities of Life With a Newborn

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Image source: Thinkstock

Life with a newborn brings buckets of love for the new life if your house — but also a lot of frustration. It’s a phase where you can’t really explain what it’s like accurately to someone who has never lived it — and one you will quickly realize passes way too quickly.

Silver has been my most “challenging” baby out of my four. He was even my most challenging pregnancy, which should have given me some clue as to what his newborn phase was going to be like, I guess. Having been through this many times before though, I know both the amazing things I am about to experience as I watch him grow into infant and beyond. But I also know some of the inevitabilities that will come along with living through the newborn phase. Some of them are amazing milestones most able-bodied newborns will hit — eye-contact, smiles, rolling.

There are also some frustrating things that happen — nearly always — when you’re in the newborn phase. I don’t know if these have (or will) happen to you, but these certainly hold true as inevitabilities as far as my experience goes:

  1. Your baby will instantly wake up when you sit down to eat, but only if it’s a hot meal.
  2. The very rare time you get dressed in real clothes, your baby will projectile vomit on you — ruining your outfit.
  3. You will spend a lot of time, energy, and money making the nursery perfect and the baby will only sleep in your room.
  4. Your baby will prove, day after day, that “sleeping like a baby” is a commonly misused term.
  5. Just as you finish changing your baby’s diaper, he will poop.
  6. Your baby will sleep peacefully, finally, but only after you’ve complained to your mom that your baby never sleeps and she’s come over to rescue you.
  7. You will forget, at least once, to put your bra flap back on after nursing your baby, but you won’t remember until after you’ve answered the door.
  8. The one time you forget your diaper bag at home because “you won’t be gone long” is the one time your baby needs it — badly.
  9. Just when you get to accepting that they are sleeping through the night, or at least have some pattern to their sleep, the next night they will totally switch it up.
  10. You will forget to put in your breast pads the one time you’re not wearing a black shirt — and you’re probably out in public, too.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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