10 Gift Ideas for the Seasoned (New) Mom

It’s true, the first time you give birth you will probably get so many baby gifts thrown your way that it will make your postpartum head spin. Adorable little outfits, swaddling blankets, and burp cloths galore!

And if you’re lucky enough to have a second, third, or in my case fourth baby, the gift giving and baby showers will justifiably trickle down to a slow drip. But just because you have multiple babies, doesn’t mean the celebration of new life should stop completely.

Knowing the baby has all the gear he or she will ever need, opens the door wide open for opportunities to help and celebrate the new mom!

Over the course of my four pregnancies, I’ve gotten some pretty spectacular gifts given to me, most of which have nothing to do with the baby. I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things I’ve received.

10 Gift Ideas for the New (but not-so-new) Mom:

  • Water Bottle 1 of 10
    Water Bottle
    Due to breastfeeding, I had a difficult time staying properly hydrated, especially those first few weeks. A friend gifted me this cute water bottle from from Contigo and I love it!
    Purchase here for $10.99
  • Cappuccino Maker 2 of 10
    Cappuccino Maker
    This was such a sweet indulgence of a gift to receive after my 3rd child was born. Just because it's harder to leave the house, didn't mean I had to miss my favorite fancy coffee drinks.
    Purchase from Amazon for $84.99
  • A Hot Meal 3 of 10
    A Hot Meal
    Hands down the best gift I got as a new (four times over) mom was the gift of a hot meal for my family, that I didn't have to make.
    Image Credit: Flickr
  • Quite Activities for the Siblings 4 of 10
    Quite Activities for the Siblings
    Instead of getting the baby a gift, I had a few friends bring over fresh crayons and coloring books for the big kids. I loved it because it made them feel special, and also gave them something to do while I tended to the new baby.
    Image Credit: Flickr
  • Salon Gift Certificate 5 of 10
    Salon Gift Certificate
    I'll admit it, it doesn't take long for me to feel "blah" about my postpartum body. A dear friend of mine gifted me a small gift certificate to a salon in my neighborhood. It was such a welcome treat to get out of the house and do something nice for myself.
    Image Credit: Flickr
  • A Playdate for the Big Kids 6 of 10
    A Playdate for the Big Kids
    Bringing in a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th child into the family is exhausting. A friend of mine gifted me a few afternoons alone with the baby when she took the big kids to her house for the afternoon. It gave me some time to relax, and the kids had fun playing with their friends.
  • Kindle Fire (or any eReader) 7 of 10
    Kindle Fire (or any eReader)
    Can I admit to gifting this to myself? In preparation for the new baby, I bought myself a Kindle Fire. I love it because I can read in the dark, watch movies, and also check email and Facebook.
    Purchase from Amazon for $199
  • Magazine Subscription 8 of 10
    Magazine Subscription
    Getting a 6 month subscription to People magazine from my best friend was the most fantastic and wonderful guilty pleasure of all time. It's something I would never buy for myself, but looked forward to each week.
    Purchase from Amazon
  • Netflix Subscription 9 of 10
    Netflix Subscription
    I was introduced to Netflix for the first time when a friend gifted me a 2 month subscription right after I had my second child. Since I don't have cable, being able to watch new shows during my maternity downtime was such a treat.
    Get Netflix here!
  • Nursing Pajamas 10 of 10
    Nursing Pajamas
    A fresh pair of beautiful nursing pajamas ranks right at the top of my new mom gift list. I got this particular pajama dress when I had Paul, and still 4 months later love sleeping in it.
    Purchase from Belabumbum for $74

What’s the best baby gift you’ve received that had nothing to do with the baby?

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