10 Gifts To Celebrate Dads!

This family tree is so creative and cute!

It’s possible that between midnight feedings, endless laundry, and picking up toys, shopping for a Father’s Day gift might have slipped your mind.  So let me be the one to remind you that it’s next week (the 17th – eek!) – time is running out.  As if you don’t have enough to do already, right?  The good news is that there are many crafty and creative options out there, and many that are easy and quick too!

The first year of parenting isn’t easy.  I do a lot of eye rolling and muttering, and I complain about things my husband does (or doesn’t do) more often than I’m proud of.  I try to shower daily, occasionally put on makeup, and I do my best to make him feel loved and appreciated every day.

I know that being a new mom has been one hell of a roller coaster.  I imagine that being a new dad feels similar, yet my husband always seems to stay strong and confident in order to hold our family together.  To say thank you, I hope I can make his first Father’s Day feel memorable and special.

Here are ten cute gifts to help celebrate this year’s new dads…

  • A Romantic Gift 1 of 10
    A Romantic Gift
    I thought this personalized deck of cards was too cute. I love that it's something special just for a husband and wife. It's important to make marriage a big part of parenting!
    Found at Visual Heart.
  • Silhouette Photos 2 of 10
    Silhouette Photos
    I am a total sucker for silhouettes. I love love love them. I can definitely see doing something like this down the road when we have more kids. Simple and meaningful!
    Found at Inspired Apertry Ink.
  • Chalkboard Photos 3 of 10
    Chalkboard Photos
    Could this be any cuter? I can't wait until Cullen (and any sibs!) are a bit older and can help me do a fun project like this.
    Found at Mom Tog.
  • A Funny T-Shirt 4 of 10
    A Funny T-Shirt
    My husband likes science and chemistry, so I thought this was particularly fitting for him. There are so many dad-themed shirts out there - something for everyone!
    Found on Etsy.
  • A Cute Card 5 of 10
    A Cute Card
    Holidays definitely don't have to be expensive. Sometimes a funny or sentimental card can be the best gift of all! This card made me laugh (and it's SO true!).
    Found on Pinterest.
  • A Creative Craft 6 of 10
    A Creative Craft
    Another free gift! Using construction paper and a pencil, you can make something like this adorable cutout of dad and baby feet.
    Found on Pre-K + K Sharing.
  • A Family Tree 7 of 10
    A Family Tree
    I love the idea of using handprints to make a family tree (once you know your tree is complete!).
    Found on Etsy.
  • Something Clever 8 of 10
    Something Clever
    What dad wouldn't want to put this on his desk?
    Found on Preschool Crafts for Kids.
  • Memorable Dates 9 of 10
    Memorable Dates
    This is another one I can't wait to do! What a great way to celebrate all the important dates you and your family share.
    Found on Etsy.
  • Letter Photos 10 of 10
    Letter Photos
    I think I'm going to do some sort of variation of this! I love the idea of doing one every year and watching families grow and change (and multiply!).
    Found on The Coleman Chronicles.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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