10 Great Mother's Jewelry Options!

There used to be a time, back when my mother had her first two children that rings were the only type of mother’s jewelry there was.

But with all these handmade boutiques online, and crafty mothers who can make their own special jewelry… there are so many different options.

Rings, necklaces, bracelets… the sky is the limit right?

I went on Etsy to check out some of the coolest, and most popular stores that make these great gifts for mom, and I put together a list of some of my personal favorites. 

Remember moms… there is nothing wrong with buying your own mother’s jewelry, or at least picking out what you like and hinting at your partner right?

I think every mom should get something along these lines in their babies’ first year of life. Don’t you?

What are your favorite custom jewelry Etsy Stops?

  • Madison Craft Studio on Etsy 1 of 10
    Madison Craft Studio on Etsy
    Hand stamped sterling silver, and various different designs for the mom in your life, or even if you just want to order one for yourself...
    Madison Craft Studio on Etsy also offers a lot of different "out of the box" type mother's jewelry ideas with music notes, or soccer balls. Lots to choose from!Visit Madison Craft Studio on Etsy
  • Art Jewelry Designs on Etsy 2 of 10
    Art Jewelry Designs on Etsy
    I really like the designs that Art Jewelry Design has in their shop because I love bright jewels for Mother jewelry. My mothers necklace has the birth stone of all three of my children on it, and that is my favorite feature of it! Visit Art Jewelry Designs on Etsy
  • Gizmos Treasures on Etsy 3 of 10
    Gizmos Treasures on Etsy
    When it comes to mother's jewelry, most people typically think of the traditional mother's ring. A beautiful and unique ring that includes all of her children's birth stones. Many of the rings actually have an option to add on settings as well.
    When I saw this ring on Etsy I fell in love. How beautiful is it? And the shop has all different kinds! Visit Gizmos Treasures on Etsy
  • PynkRoseDesigns on Etsy 4 of 10
    PynkRoseDesigns on Etsy
    I absolutely love this design for a mother's ring as well. The Etsy shop calls it a "Mardi Gras" design and I think it is perfect, modern, classy, and hip. Do you like it?
    It is also on the more affordable side for those on a budget! Visit PynkRoseDesigns on Etsy
  • Courtney Bache on Etsy 5 of 10
    Courtney Bache on Etsy
    The description of this ring is "Not your mother's mother's ring" which is a perfect description. I have seen some of the older mother's rings, and personally I think many of them are... ugly? This one is another great design like the others I found... Which do you prefer? Visit Courtney Bache on Etsy
  • Hot Mix Cold on Etsy 6 of 10
    Hot Mix Cold on Etsy
    A different take on mother's jewelry in the form of a cute and simple bracelet. I personally think this is just perfect for a first time mom, or a new mother.
    I have also found that it sometimes is easier to wear a bracelet with an infant around than a necklace or ring. What do you think? Visit Hot Mix Cold on Etsy
  • My Blue Snowflake on Etsy 7 of 10
    My Blue Snowflake on Etsy
    Maybe you aren't really into jewelry so much, and would just like something pretty with your kids name on it you can still bring everywhere? This pendant can double as either a necklace piece, or a keychain! And either way you use it... how pretty is this? Visit My Blue Snowflake on Etsy
  • Jewelry by AnnieReh 8 of 10
    Jewelry by AnnieReh
    Another great necklace idea that is unique. I love the quote on one pendant, with birth dates, or names on another. It makes for a great gift from children to their mom. Or of course Daddy pretending to be the kids! Visit Jewelry by AnnieReh on Etsy
  • YourCharmedLife on Etsy 9 of 10
    YourCharmedLife on Etsy
    I love this bracelet idea. I don't wear them often, but this is a great idea to wear all of your children's names in one place, especially if you have a flock of kids like I do!
    I also love the idea of the tree design for a "family tree" idea! Visit YourCharmedLife on Etsy
  • Wickedly Mod Pendants on Etsy 10 of 10
    Wickedly Mod Pendants on Etsy
    Have a new baby in your house? This one is so easy to add onto! So if you think you are done having children, like we did... you don't have to worry if you do end up with a surprise, because you can always add on! Visit Wickedly Mod Pendants on Etsy

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