10 Healthy Eating Tips For Busy Moms

Having nuts on hand will get you from meal to meal!

I haven’t always been a healthy eater, but I’ve been pretty consistent for the past few years.  I take pride in the fact that I ate really well during my pregnancy, and did my best to give my boy the healthiest start possible.

Now that he’s here, it’s not quite so easy to fix myself delicious cooked breakfasts, stir-fry for lunch, and elaborate dinners for my family.  Many days I’m lucky if I eat more than crackers and granola bars.  It’s amazing how quickly five extra minutes and two free hands becomes such a luxury!

But now that I’m starting to get the hang of this mom thing, I’m find ways to make sure I have healthy options available even on my busiest days.  Here are ten tips to help moms eat healthy and feel good.  Some are simple, some are a little pricier, but there’s definitely something for everyone…

  • Veggie Dogs 1 of 10
    Veggie Dogs
    I'm not typically a faux meat kind of girl, but these Field Roast veggie dogs have an impressive ingredients label free of any weird additives. They pack 26 grams of protein a piece, and they are great to have on hand for a high-protein, quick grab 'n go lunch. (Sold at most Whole Foods stores.)
  • Frozen Fruit and Vegetables 2 of 10
    Frozen Fruit and Vegetables
    I love fresh, crisp veggies plucked straight from the farmer's markets. But I'm also the mom of a 3-month-old, and sometimes (okay, often) gourmet cooking is not an option. That doesn't mean you can't still fill your dinner plate with vegetables. Frozen veggies are good to have on hand for quick and easy dinners, and frozen fruit blends easily into a healthy breakfast smoothie!
  • Granola Bars 3 of 10
    Granola Bars
    As much as I'd like to make myself a nice soup or sandwich each day for lunch, too often I find myself scarfing down a bag of tortilla chips at 3pm when I realize that lunch is just not realistically going to happen. To avoid this scenario, I keep a few boxes of granola bars on hand to get me from meal to meal. It's not ideal, but it's a much better option than chips!
  • Hummus 4 of 10
    Every weekend, I make a giant batch of homemade hummus and put it into a few small tubs in our fridge. My husband takes some to work, and I snack on the rest whenever I find myself with a free hand or two. Hummus is filling, healthy, and easy to whip up on the weekend when you may have some extra hands to help!
  • A Juicer 5 of 10
    A Juicer
    We got our juicer towards the end of my pregnancy, and it's one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I might not always have time to cook, but on days when I seem to eat nothing but granola bars and cereal, it's nice to throw a bunch of veggies into the juicer and know that I still got my daily serving.
  • Mixed Nuts 6 of 10
    Mixed Nuts
    Nuts are high in fat and extremely filling, so they are great to have on hand for quick snacks. I grab a handful several times a day as I run in and out of the kitchen!
  • A Rice Cooker 7 of 10
    A Rice Cooker
    No one loves their rice cooker more than me. If I wasn't writing for a living, I would probably see if I could endorse rice cookers instead. It's that serious. Throw grains/beans/lentils in the rice cooker, pour the water on top, press go — easy as that, and dinner is ready in 40 minutes!
  • Sliced Veggies 8 of 10
    Sliced Veggies
    When you're making your big batch of hummus on Sunday afternoon, you can also take ten extra minutes to slice up some peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms - whatever else you like to dip. Having the vegetables pre-sliced and bagged makes it so much easier to grab a healthy snack in the middle of a busy afternoon.
  • SodaStream Machine 9 of 10
    SodaStream Machine
    This is probably our most USED kitchen item. Hydrating is so important for moms, particularly when breastfeeding. But I find it so hard to force myself to gulp down giant glasses of tap water (gag). The SodaStream allows you to make your own sparkling water at home with just the press of a button. We go through at least a gallon each day just between the two of us!
  • Bulk Pantry Items 10 of 10
    Bulk Pantry Items
    My favorite place to shop is the bulk aisle at the grocery store. I love being able to buy as much or as little of something as I need, and there is so much less packaging to deal with at home. I make sure to load up at the store so that I always have enough grains, beans, nuts, and other pantry essentials on hand at home. This way I always have a healthy option available when I'm stumped for meal ideas.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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