10 Hip Pacifier Clips For Baby

Yes, I know. Grayson shouldn’t have a pacifier now that he isn’t technically a “baby” anymore. But poor baby boy is teething like crazy (read more about that here), and well, it’s just not the time to take it away just yet. While he may be less interested in his pacifier, I swear those things are like socks in a dryer. For some reason, we are always misplacing pacifiers, especially now that he is moving more and more. Almost walking!

Pacifier clips really do come in handy, especially when your babies are on the go or in the stroller or just crawling around. If they happen to drop it, a pacifier clip saves the day from all those nasty germs as it hits the ground. Better yet, you don’t ever have to look for that thing either! So you might as well secure it in style.

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  • Must-Have Pacifier Clips 1 of 11

    Don't worry about misplacing that beloved pacifier. Keep it secure with one of these 10 must-have oh-so-hip pacifier clips.

  • Leather Pacifier Clip 2 of 11

    Coconut Robot makes the most beautiful leather pacifier clips you'll ever find. We've been fans for a long time, and yes, that is Grayson's white leather pacifier clip in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. But here's the cool part — that is my handwriting. Yes, the designer of Coconut Robot, Kacia, customizes the pacifier clips by etching your little one's name in your handwriting. Isn't that just amazing? $10 from each clip will go directly to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 

    Buy a limited edition white patent leather pacifier clip from Coconut Robot for $30

  • Bow and All 3 of 11

    It's a one stop shop for adorable bow pacifier clips and trendy fabrics. For the girls, this added feminine touch is just oh-so-cute. For the gents, it's all about a bold graphic print. It's just the perfect collection! 

    Buy one from The Lil Cupcake for $12.50

  • Newborn’s Dream 4 of 11

    If you're a newborn on the street, this is the coolest thing to have. While it's not a clip, it's a pacifier and holder all-in-one and a new mom's best friend. While Grayson has grown out of his Wubbanub, it was his favorite for quite some time, as it is for all little newborns. 

    Buy a Wubbanub for $12.99 from 

  • Cashmere, Baby! 5 of 11

    Oh yes, you read correctly. Cashmere, baby. The luxe pacifier clip is surely keeping the beloved binky off the floor in style. 

    Buy it from Couture Clip for $28

  • Eco-Friendly Binkie Bungee 6 of 11

    Go eco-chic for your little one with this eco-friendly pacifier clip that is both good for the environment and good for baby. The adorable and hip line of organic Binkie Bungees is made of 100% cotton that is Okeo-Tex certified. It is oh-so-soft, ultra soothing for baby, and feels like your favorite t-shirt. Plus, it's machine washable. 

    Buy one from Z.Daisy for $16

  • Crochet Pacifier Clip 7 of 11

    This has to be the cutest pacifier clip around that doubles as a toy leash! It's the perfect size for little hands. The strong knots give different textures to help those teeth pop through. It's not just eco-friendly, it's uber-cute as well. I can't wait to get Grayson one in blue! 

    Buy it from Smile Sunshine Designs for $14.95

  • Modern Fabric 8 of 11

    I love the simple design and modern fabric of the endless options you have with these cute pacifier clips. And you won't believe the price — it's a bargain at just $5! 

    Buy one from Sugar Rush Creative for $5

  • DIY Pacifier Clip 9 of 11

    Maybe you want to get your craft on and make your own pacifier clip. Well, you can with this amazing tutorial from Dana Made It. This allows you to really make it your own. 

  • Trendy Mr. Fox 10 of 11

    The trendy and hip fox that has been THE animal to love in 2013 is now on a pacifier clip. The brown chevron print goes perfectly with the fox felt face. 

    Buy it from Mud Pie for $15

  • Swarovski Crystals Pacifier 11 of 11

    If Kim Kardashian's baby had a pacifier clip, this would be it. For the little divas out there, this hip little gem is perfect for your princess. 

    Buy it from My Crystal Dream for $26

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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