10 Trendy Baby Products That Make Mom’s Life Easier

Some of my favorite things about being in this industry are the people you meet and the relationships you form. Since 2009, I’ve teamed up with Celebrity Baby Trends expert Rachel Florio-Urso n multiple capacities. Rachel is not only one of the greatest trend experts in the baby industry, but she’s also a dear friend, and I always swoon over her clients. I turn to her when I want to get the scoop on the top picks of the moment and what’s new in the industry. She is my go-to gal, which is why she was named one of the top ten Mompreneurs who made it big on Babble. I caught up with her so she could share some of her top picks and must-have baby items of the moment. I just had to share a few of my favorites with you, too!

Click through for 10 must-have baby items! 

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    hot on the maket baby items

    You're going to want to check out the latest and greatest baby items on the market. Click through for 10 must-have baby items you're sure to love! 

  • Handle Anything They Throw At You 2 of 11

    Grayson has thrown his pacifiers, bottles, and pretty much everything overboard, to the point where it's a game sometimes. The Lil' Sidekick helps you handle anything baby throws your way — literally. It's an extra hand to prevent your child from throwing items out of your reach. Lil' Sidekick allows you to fasten the bottle, a favorite toy, or any item of choice to a stroller, high chair, or exer-saucer. The Lil' Sidekick is currently in production, so you'll need to sign up now to grab one as soon as they are released. 


    Sign up to get a Lil' Sidekick here

  • Genius: Meet the UnderBib 3 of 11

    A drooler's dream! UnderBib Apparel comes WITH a bib, otherwise known as a waterproof shelf that is built right into the clothing. No more worrying about extra pieces to attach! It's made of 100% waterproof nylon in between the outer layer of clothing, and a soft liner of 60% cotton/40% polyester interlock knit that rests against the skin. Coolest part? It was invented by a mom! Meet Lauren, who is a mom of three and accidental entrepreneur.


    Buy a onesie from UnderBib for $20 

  • Posh Play 4 of 11

    I am obsessed with Posh Play and their super-cool, durable splat mats, bibs, and diaper clutches. Posh Play products are PVC-free and designed by a mom, with detailed attention to style, function, durability, quality, and safety for your child. My Posh Play diaper clutch goes everywhere with us. It's so easy to grab and head out the door. 


    Buy it from Posh Play for $58

  • Take N’ Shake 5 of 11

    The new Take N' Shake Feeding bottle with an Integrated Formula Compartment makes traveling with baby a breeze! Who doesn't love that? Say goodbye to expired formula and messy clumps. With the Take N' Shake feeding bottle, it's all about freshness and ease. It has everything you need from birth to those toddler years. 


    Buy the set from Bouche Baby for $39.99

  • WipesWraps Cover 6 of 11

    Every time someone comes into my home, they ask me about my oh-so-cute baby wiper cover. I swear, I leave it out just because of how much I love the zigzag pattern. Perfect for all rooms, from the playroom to the nursery, these adorable covers help you say bye-bye-bye to those plain white, unsightly tubs. All you have to do is pull on a cover! This is not just a great gift for yourself, but it's the perfect shower gift as well. 


    Buy a WipesWraps by CleverRelish for $14.95 

  • As Seen on Ellen…. 7 of 11

    Yep, you may have spotted this brand on Ellen and CNN, just to name a few places! Bella Bundles is known for its endlessly cute and stylish blankets, bibs, and sleep sacks made just for the modern mom and the hippest bundle in your life. I love how stylish their designs and patterns are, and I am sure you will, too. 


    Buy the Hollywood bib from Bella Bundles for $14

  • Luv Chicken 8 of 11
    Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.00.23 AM.png

    You'll want to give 'em a boost with this adorable, fun, and functional booster cushion. We take it with us when we head to the park or for a picnic, and it's great for indoors as well — basically anytime your little one needs to sit a little higher. Grayson likes to sit on his even when he is just playing with toys; he loves it! And I love it because it's easy to tote around anywhere and wipe clean in an instant. 


    Buy one from Luv Chicken for $45

  • The New "It" Service 9 of 11

    For those heading into the city, the last thing you want to do is lug a ton of baby gear when traveling. If you are heading to the Hamptons, NYC, or the tri-state area, Baby Chic NY is a baby concierge at your service. With in-room delivery through your hotel's concierge, they will fully sterilize and assemble the gear you need so you can enjoy your vacation. 


    Get the details at Baby Chic NY 

  • WubbaNub Pacifiers 10 of 11

    Distributed in hospitals, NICU, and well-baby units nationwide, the WubbaNub pacifiers are still a favorite of babies, moms, and dads. But now they are offering the new "Brights" collection. Just the right size for little hands, they keep the pacifier close. 


    Buy one from WubbaNub for $12.99

  • Poncho Baby 11 of 11

     The brand new Bandana Bib from Poncho Baby is a show-stopper. How cute is this little guy? These adjustable bibs (two snaps in the back) are not just made in the USA, but they are 100% cotton muslin. 


    Buy it from Poncho Baby for $12

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