9 Items to Bring On an Airplane for Both Baby and Toddler

Last night I returned home from a trip to Florida. It was just me and the girls for this trip, and while it’s fun to have getaways with just the three of us, it’s also very difficult and exhausting. The most stressful part of the entire trip is the airplane rides. I am all by myself with so much to carry and worried that they girls are going to go crazy on the flight.

Avery is at an age now where she wants to walk everywhere and it’s hard to keep her confined in a little space. Her attention span is very short, so I am always trying to find ways to keep her entertained for the longest period of time. I try to be smart when I pack and I always want to include items that both girls can use on the flight. I have one bag that I carry on for the girls that is full of all of their stuff and I make sure that every toy keeps both of them busy.

With all of the traveling that I have done with them by myself, I’ve finally figured out what works and what doesn’t work.

Here’s my list of items for keeping kids of both age-ranges entertained and busy throughout the flight.


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If you only have room for one carry-on, find out what items you can bring that both baby and toddler will enjoy.




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Crayons and coloring are great for keeping them busy and having fun. Harlan loves to color and Avery is just learning how it all works. I especially like these twistable crayons because they don’t break easily and Avery can’t bite the crayons off (because you know babies like to put everything in their mouth.)

Get them from Crayola Store, $3.99



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This is great for both of my girls who love reading books. They will sit next to each other in the seat and Harlan will “read” the books to Avery. Along with the story there are great interactive things that it can do by pressing on pictures throughout the book. It’s a great and educational way to keep them entertained.

Get it from LeapFrog, $34.99




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I bring this carrier with me almost everywhere. It is perfect for trips to the airport and on planes because I can carry both Avery and Harlan in it. It can go in the front, back, or side carry which gives me and the girls flexibility. My favorite part is that it can easily fold up to fit in this compact bag which leaves me without carrying something big around and frees up space. I always use this to board the plane with Avery and then put her in it as we are leaving the plane so that I can hold Harlan’s hand and all of the other stuff that we carried on.

Get it from Ergobaby, $115.00




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Technology is the greatest in times of need. I have an old iPhone that is loaded with Avery’s favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the iPad is loaded with Harlan’s favorite Disney movies. These are great to bring out when nothing else works and I need a little quiet. They are perfect when I am traveling alone with the kids and they can’t sit still. It’s a guaranteed win.

Get them from Apple, prices vary




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I always bring these headphones with me for the girls. The smaller set is specifically made for little kids and has a volume control so that it won’t get too loud for those little ears. I use them when we are watching videos on the iPad and iPhone, the Tag Reader, and also the entertainment systems that are in front of our seats on the plane. It helps from anyone around listening to their kids shows and keeps everything quiet and contained.

Get them from Radio Shack, $15.99




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Both of my girls love this snack. They easily go in their palm of their hand and are yummy to eat. I love that they come two to a pack so that there is one for each girl.

Get them from Diapers.com, $4.32





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This is a snack that all three of us can enjoy. They are much healthier than other brands on the market and they come in cute bunny shapes. I put them in a plastic bag so they can be easily pulled out and opened for the girls to stick their hands in and enjoy!

Get them from Diapers.com, $4.31



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These are one of the greatest inventions ever. Both of my girls beg for these things daily. They are compact, healthy, and easy to pull out. These pouches make a great meal for Avery if we are traveling during lunch or dinner. Most of these fruits and veggies are ones that the girls wouldn’t eat if I just gave it to them by themselves, but with these pouches they taste good they don’t even know they are eating them!

Get them from Diapers.com, prices vary



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These are a great baby snack that I happen to enjoy myself. They actually taste really great and the girls and I will sit and snack on them throughout the day. They come in a variety of flavors and easily dissolve in our mouth which is perfect for those little ones just learning how to eat solid foods. I put these in a plastic bag and will bring them out for the little hands to grab when they get hungry.

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