10 Items of Clothing You Should Buy Your Baby Boy From the Girl's Department

10 Items of Clothing You Should Buy Your Baby Boy From the Girl's DepartmentI’ve heard many a mom complain about the lack of clothing selection in the baby boy’s department, and while I personally love shopping in the boy’s section, I can completely understand. Mamas with little boys have the opposite problem that I have when shopping for Fern. I find that most of the clothes in the baby girl’s section of stores have a little too much flair (not every article of clothing needs to have a butterfly and glitter and a bow on it) and I prefer things that are a little more simple. But the boy’s section is the opposite…not enough flair — and an overwhelming abundance of primary colors and shirts with sports/construction images on them.

This is why, just as I shop for my girl in the boy’s department, you should totally check out the girl’s department to spice up your little man’s wardrobe. I’ll admit that it’s a little more difficult to find pieces that will work for a boy in the girl’s section, but it can be done!

Here are some of my favorite items for boys from the baby girl’s section of the store!

  • Sweaters 1 of 10
    I love sweaters from the boy's section for Fern, but that doesn't mean all the girl's sweaters are terrible. Take a peek at them - you just might find one with fun details that wouldn't typically be in the boy's section like this little band director sweater - so cute for a baby boy!
    Purchase for $32.95 from Gap
  • Jeans 2 of 10
    Jeans, much like any other baby pants for boys, are usually so baggy. So skip the boy's pants in favor of girl's jeans. They have a slimmer fit, which is practically impossible to find with boy's jeans. Even "skinny" jeans for baby boys aren't really that "skinny".
    Purchase for $19.95 from Gap
  • Leggings 3 of 10
    Baby boy pants, and actually a great many baby pants in general, are SO baggy! If you prefer a bit slimmer fit, head for the leggings, solid black, navy, or geometric patterns are great on boys. I would suggest going up a size though so they aren't super tight - a slightly looser fit is best.
    Purchase for $12.95 from Gap
  • Tights 4 of 10
    This suggestion may be a little eyebrow raising, but tights on little boys are actually very commonplace in other parts of the world. Pair them underneath a onesie and add a pair of socks over them along with a cardigan and you've got yourself a bit of baby boy European chic.
    Purchase for $12.95 from Gap
  • Bows 5 of 10
    You may be thinking, "What the what?!", but hear me out. These sweet little hair bows can also double as bow ties for more dressy occasions! I do realize that they make baby boy bow ties, but they're a little more expensive, while hair bows are a dime a dozen!
    Purchase from Strad Muffin on Etsy
  • Belts 6 of 10
    I use belts a lot for Fern, but why should baby girls have all the fun with accessories? Check out baby girl belts - they're a great way to personalize a simple outfit for your little guy.
    Purchase for $25.00 from One Little Belt on Etsy
  • Onesies 7 of 10
    If you're sick of all the "Daddy's Little Slugger" onesies, then take a gander in the girl's section. Something like a subtle polka dot in neutrals could totally work for a baby boy.
    Purchase for $10.99 from Gap
  • Socks 8 of 10
    I'll's pretty difficult to find girl socks that aren't pink, but occasionally you find some in other colors with fun patterns that would be great for a boy or a girl.
    Purchase for $16.00 from Nordstrom
  • Pink 9 of 10
    It will probably be a bit difficult to find items that are a particular shade of pink that can be pulled off by a little boy without causing much confusion, but it can be done. This t-shirt is a great example that definitely reads "boy". Also, be on the lookout for button-up shirts in pinks - a pink and white gingham dress shirt would be so cute on a little man!
    Purchase for $18.76 from Nordstrom
  • Sweatshirts 10 of 10
    Look for sweatshirts in fun, bright colors in the baby girl's department. It's unlikely you'd find a purple and blue hoodie in the little boy's section - there's usually a lot more basic, primary colors. But, who says boys can't wear purple? Personally, I love this hoodie for a little boy - paired with some little Nike low dunks - it's urban chic!
    Purchase for $20.40 from Nordstrom

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