10 Items of Clothing You Should Buy Your Baby Girl From the Boy’s Department

10 Clothing Items For Your Baby Girl From the Boy's DepartmentI get a lot of questions about where I shop for Fern. I think a lot of people think I spend a small fortune on her clothes, but really I mainly shop at Target and Old Navy – nothing super fancy. But, my secret for putting together unique outfits while shopping at big name stores? Shop in the opposite section!

A lot of people shop for their kid’s clothes at big name stores like this since the price is right when you’re buying clothes for a baby who will quickly outgrow them, which creates the problem of dressing your baby like a little outfit clone. BUT, if you have a little girl and shop in the boy’s section or have a boy and do some of your shopping in the girl’s section you’ll be less likely to encounter a “who wore it best?” baby edition moment since not everyone thinks to do this.

I always check out the boy’s section when I’m shopping for Fern – often it’s smaller, but I’m far less likely to encounter an onslaught of pink sparkles which aren’t exactly my speed. I just pair all the boy pieces with “girlier” items to create balance and if all else fails I just stick a bow in her hair. The other bonus is that if I have a baby boy the next time around he’ll have a lot more promising hand-me-down options.

Check out a few of my favorite items that I look for in the boy’s section and make sure to check back tomorrow for the boy’s version of this post!

  • Coats 1 of 10
    Girl's coats are usually pink or white, which I can't stand. I'm not a fan of pink and white is just asking for it - it gets so dingy! If you're looking for a cute, neutral coat then the boy's department has you covered. Fern's coat is a boy's number and we get so many compliments on it!
    Purchase for $49.95 from Gap
  • Sweatshirts 2 of 10
    I prefer classic greys when it comes to sweatshirts, but they're almost impossible to find in the girl's section. Head to the boy's department and you'll find a ton.
    Purchase for $24.95 from Gap
  • Sweaters 3 of 10
    I shop almost exclusively for Fern's sweaters and cardigans in the boy's department. I throw them over a shirt with more feminine details and you've got instant cute factor.
    Purchase for $29.95 from Gap
  • Hats 4 of 10
    Classic stripes and solids make up most of the hats in the boy's department and that is just fine by me.
    Purchase for $5.99 from Target
  • Cozy Pants 5 of 10
    Cozy Pants
    You almost never see cozy sweats for baby girls. Do clothing makers think baby boy's are the only ones who deserve comfort? These are adorable.
    Purchase for $12.99 from Gap
  • Jeans 6 of 10
    Finding jeans with the right it is near impossible, so grab a pair from the boy's section and let them be a bit baggy and roll the ankle and you've got a pair of "boyfriend jeans" for your baby girl.
    Purchase for $34.95 from Gap
  • Onesies 7 of 10
    You'll find a lot more simple solid and stripe options in the boy's department than you will in the girl's which makes the onesies there great basics.
    Purchase for $25.00 from Gap
  • Belts 8 of 10
    Fern has one belt and I use it all the time. It helps keep up her pants that don't quite fit yet and lets me belt shirts into dresses to get more wear out of her clothes. The boy's department is perfect for finding a great belt.
    Purchase for $7.95 from Children's Place
  • Button-Ups 9 of 10
    Want a chambray button-up for your little lady? Well, you're not going to find it in the girl's section. Venture over to the boy's area and take your pick! Solid button-ups and flannels are good options too, although I'll admit flannels are a little difficult to pull off on a baby girl so prepare for the "what a cute little boy!" comments.
    Purchase for $14.50 from Old Navy
  • Pajamas 10 of 10
    Almost all of Fern's pajamas were purchased in the boy's department. I love all the dogs and dinosaurs and woodland creatures. Most of the girl's jammies have pink fairy princesses on them - it's like everything "girly" gets multiplied in intensity when it comes to pajamas - not sure why. And who says girls don't like dinosaurs too? Whatever the case, any future baby boys I have will be pretty much set when it comes to PJs.
    Purchase for $14.99 from Target
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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