10 "Just a Onesie" Halloween Costumes for Baby

10 "just a onesie" Halloween Costumes If you’re anything like me, you enjoy Halloween just as much as the next gal, but don’t have the time/energy/stamina to spend days perfecting your baby’s costumes.

You want something cute, but nothing too fancy. Comfortable and not itchy. An outfit they will tolerate wearing long after the trick-or-treaters have stopped knocking.

I have just the solution, they’re called all-in-onesie costumes.

They’re funny. They’re comfy. They speak “I tried, but not too hard”. This Halloween, I’m skipping the complicated baby costume and going for the simple onepiece.

10 “Just a Onesie” Halloween Costumes:

  • Sushi Onesie 1 of 10
    Pregnancy is over, and it's time to finally indulge in some raw seafood! Grass, wasabi, and even the ginger, all attached and included.
    Sushi Onesie ($42) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Tuxedo Onesie 2 of 10
    Being prepared for impromptu formal occasion is important, even when you're a baby. This tuxedo onesie is about as good as it gets!
    Tux Onesie ($15) from Linda Sumner Designs
  • Lederhosen Onesie 3 of 10
    Go ahead, indulge in a little Yodel-a-he-hooooo this Halloween season.
    Lederhosen Onesie ($28) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Star Wars R2D2 Onesie 4 of 10
    Get your geek on with this detailed R2D2 onesie costume!
    R2D2 Onesie ($48) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Pumpkin Onesie 5 of 10
    Ah yes, the traditional lil' pumpkin costume, you simply cannot go wrong with this onesie.
    Pumpkin Onesie ($12) from Short and Sweetpeas
  • Legend of Zelda Onesie 6 of 10
    Someday, you might have to tell him exactly what he was for his first Halloween, but this Legends of Zelda "Link" costume is total geek perfection!
    Legend of Zelda Onesie ($23) from my little mookie
  • Police Onesie 7 of 10
    In the name of cute, I demand you to gimme all your candy!
    Police Onesie ($15) from Linda Sumner Designs
  • Fireman Onesie 8 of 10
    Putting out fires left and right, in this completely adorable fire fighting handmade onesie.
    Fireman Onesie ($15) from Linda Sumner Designs
  • Chocolate Chip Cannoli Onesie 9 of 10
    The sweetest dessert you'll ever put your lips on.
    Cannoli Onesie ($38) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Flintstones Onesie 10 of 10
    Keeping it prehistorically awesome in this "Bam Bam" onesie.
    Flintstone Onesie ($15) from GizmoPurses

Keep in mind, handmade items take time to perfect. Don’t delay ordering your all-in-onesie costume to the last minute, pre-order now!

What is your little one planning on dressing up as this year? Personally, I’m totally crushing over the R2D2 get-up.

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