10 "Just a Onesie" Halloween Costumes for Baby

10 "just a onesie" Halloween Costumes If you’re anything like me, you enjoy Halloween just as much as the next gal, but don’t have the time/energy/stamina to spend days perfecting your baby’s costumes.

You want something cute, but nothing too fancy. Comfortable and not itchy. An outfit they will tolerate wearing long after the trick-or-treaters have stopped knocking.

I have just the solution, they’re called all-in-onesie costumes.

They’re funny. They’re comfy. They speak “I tried, but not too hard”. This Halloween, I’m skipping the complicated baby costume and going for the simple onepiece.

10 “Just a Onesie” Halloween Costumes:

  • Sushi Onesie 1 of 10
    Sushi Onesie
    Pregnancy is over, and it's time to finally indulge in some raw seafood! Grass, wasabi, and even the ginger, all attached and included.
    Sushi Onesie ($42) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Tuxedo Onesie 2 of 10
    Tuxedo Onesie
    Being prepared for impromptu formal occasion is important, even when you're a baby. This tuxedo onesie is about as good as it gets!
    Tux Onesie ($15) from Linda Sumner Designs
  • Lederhosen Onesie 3 of 10
    Lederhosen Onesie
    Go ahead, indulge in a little Yodel-a-he-hooooo this Halloween season.
    Lederhosen Onesie ($28) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Star Wars R2D2 Onesie 4 of 10
    Star Wars R2D2 Onesie
    Get your geek on with this detailed R2D2 onesie costume!
    R2D2 Onesie ($48) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Pumpkin Onesie 5 of 10
    Pumpkin Onesie
    Ah yes, the traditional lil' pumpkin costume, you simply cannot go wrong with this onesie.
    Pumpkin Onesie ($12) from Short and Sweetpeas
  • Legend of Zelda Onesie 6 of 10
    Legend of Zelda Onesie
    Someday, you might have to tell him exactly what he was for his first Halloween, but this Legends of Zelda "Link" costume is total geek perfection!
    Legend of Zelda Onesie ($23) from my little mookie
  • Police Onesie 7 of 10
    Police Onesie
    In the name of cute, I demand you to gimme all your candy!
    Police Onesie ($15) from Linda Sumner Designs
  • Fireman Onesie 8 of 10
    Fireman Onesie
    Putting out fires left and right, in this completely adorable fire fighting handmade onesie.
    Fireman Onesie ($15) from Linda Sumner Designs
  • Chocolate Chip Cannoli Onesie 9 of 10
    Chocolate Chip Cannoli Onesie
    The sweetest dessert you'll ever put your lips on.
    Cannoli Onesie ($38) from The Wishing Elephant
  • Flintstones Onesie 10 of 10
    Flintstones Onesie
    Keeping it prehistorically awesome in this "Bam Bam" onesie.
    Flintstone Onesie ($15) from GizmoPurses

Keep in mind, handmade items take time to perfect. Don’t delay ordering your all-in-onesie costume to the last minute, pre-order now!

What is your little one planning on dressing up as this year? Personally, I’m totally crushing over the R2D2 get-up.

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