10 Lessons In Parenting

In my two months of parenting, I’ve learned a thing or two. Actually, I’ve learned at least 10 — and decided to make a list of these things to share. I’m obviously not a pro at this parenting thing yet (does anyone ever really reach “pro” status?), but I’m getting some serious on-the-job training.

Some lesson have taken longer to learn than others, but at least I’m starting to catch on.

Find out 10 little lessons I’ve learned during the brief two months that I’ve been at this parenting thing after the jump …

10 Lessons In Parenting:

Lesson #1:  Function officially trumps fashion when you’re a mom.  Your baby doesn’t care if sequins are “in” this season; sequin shirts + nursing = one pissed off baby.

Lesson #2:  All of the people who told you that cleaning up poop wouldn’t be as gross when it was your own kid were lying.

Lesson #3:  Having a baby who sleeps through the night doesn’t actually mean 8 full hours like you thought.  Apparently 3-4 hours is sleeping “through the night”.

Lesson #4:  When your baby does finally sleep through the night, you probably won’t.  You’ll be too worried about whether or not they’re breathing and check on them like 28 times.

Lesson #5:  No matter how much you want your husband to take some of the baby burden off of you, his ability to do so will be limited.  He’s missing the crucial baby soothing ingredient:  boobs.

Lesson #6:  Boobs solve everything.  If you’ve tried everything else to get your baby to stop crying, just pop a boob in their mouth.  It’s an instant silencer.

Lesson #7:  White noise is your best friend.

Lesson #8:  Never say “never.” Some of the things you swore you’d “never do” when you had a baby might change. It’s all about what works.

Lesson #9:  If you thought everyone was all up in your business when you were pregnant, you’ll realize it’s even more intense when you have a baby.  You may have made it through an entire pregnancy without anyone touching your belly, but getting through a grocery store with a crying baby in a cart…not so much.  That sweet little old lady will always stop you and want to coo and swoon over your baby – no matter how obviously inopportune the moment may be.

Lesson #10:  Some days will suck and you’ll wonder what possessed you to make you think you could handle parenting, but the absolutely great moments will far outweigh them and make it all worth while.


Lesson #11:  When all else fails, just laugh.  You’ve gotta laugh or you’ll never survive!

•Lauren Hartmann is the founder of The Little Things We Do, a blog about life and adventures in Portland Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook, or catch up on all of her posts here on Babble.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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