10 Minor Mom Fails

We all have them. Parenting moments that aren’t really BAD, per se, but aren’t all that good either. It’s usually a little thing like realizing the baby’s shirt has been on backwards all day. Or you put mismatched socks on her deliberately because finding a matched pair would take too long. Stuff that (probably) won’t warp your baby for life but certainly doesn’t make you particularly Pinterest-worthy. Unless the board was called something like “Stuff Moms Do Because Life Isn’t A Pinterest Board”.

I’m definitely guilty of these little transgressions and I bet you are, too. Click on through to see some of the things I bet we’ve all done once or twice! (Unless it’s just me, in which case don’t tell me ok?)

  • 10 Minor Mom Fails 1 of 11
    10 Minor Mom Fails
    Click through for mom fails we've all done!
  • Say What? 2 of 11
    Say What?
    You used inappropriate language because the baby can't repeat it. For example: "That guy who just cut us off is a total douchebag! Isn't that right, baby? A douchebag!"
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  • Smile! No, Cry! 3 of 11
    Smile! No, Cry!
    You've taken pictures of the baby crying because crying faces can be super cute!
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  • Not At Toy 4 of 11
    Not At Toy
    You've given up your own stuff - a hairbrush, sunglasses, keys - because the baby likes to play with it.
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  • Sneak Attack 5 of 11
    Sneak Attack
    You let the baby play with your older child's toys even though the older child would be mad if they found out.
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  • Once Upon A Time 6 of 11
    Once Upon A Time
    You've read aloud to your baby from a supermarket tabloid because you couldn't handle Hippos Go Berserk one more time.
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  • Slurp! 7 of 11
    You licked a paci clean and gave it back to the baby.
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  • Fiber. Or Something. 8 of 11
    Fiber. Or Something.
    You let the baby eat sand.
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  • Munch! 9 of 11
    You realized the baby was eating something she dropped from the high chair earlier in the day and decided it was easier to let her have it than try and take it away.
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  • Pink Is The New Blue 10 of 11
    Pink Is The New Blue
    You've dressed your baby in hand-me-downs that are obviously gender-inappropriate because nothing else was clean.
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  • Show Time 11 of 11
    Show Time
    You let the baby watch Phineas and Ferb with an older sibling so you could take a shower.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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