10 Modern Alternatives to Old-School Lullabies

I love to sing lullabies to my baby.  I do it during wind down at night, to calm her when she’s upset, and in other quiet moments.   And even with my barely-good-enough-for-karaoke voice, she seems to lap it up.  She smiles and relaxes and basks in the sound of my “lullaby voice” (a lower-volume karaoke performance), and we share a moment.  Sometimes, I sing an old school lullaby.  But as I’m singing those lullabies, I’m thinking “These lyrics are weird and sad.”  I don’t want my baby to fall out of a tree limb.  And I will NEVER buy her a mockingbird.  So, most of the time I sing her contemporary, or at least, from-the-last-four-decades songs that have lyrics that connect me with my daughter.  Songs which express the way I feel but also are songs to which I actually enjoy listening.   Here are 10 of my favorite contemporary lullabies I have loved to sing to my babies.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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