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Vacationing with a baby and toddler? Where do I even begin? Let’s just say it should begin with something like, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Without getting into the all of the sordid and lovely details, I’m just going to skip to the fact that Abby turned 10 months old 8 days ago and I missed the boat.

That is not to say I won’t be getting to the nitty gritty of our trip, just not in this post. I quite enjoy making each month a milestone, dedicated to highlighting each development or just marking the month with a photo-shoot to remember her when, by.

BFY is quite possibly the best Baby Book out there for us Babblers, and I am humbled and lifted up by all of you lovely readers who have fallen smitten with my girl and/or have taken the time to weigh in on my posts.

We’re on the cusp of  Lil’ Abner turning 1 year old and this past month has brought teeth, standing and playing peek-a-boo, her first fever and ear infection and first plane ride, to mention a few. We’ve met milestone after milestone – it seems silly to highlight each and every one.

Oh, babies. Adorable pics of our baby girl at 10 months old in Mexico, after the jump!

  • Daddy’s Girl 1 of 24
    Daddy's Girl
    Just loungin'
  • Pool Life 2 of 24
    Pool Life
    Is the life for us. Now to just get one at home...
  • Cousins 3 of 24
    Beautiful, sparkling angels.
  • Water Baby 4 of 24
    Water Baby
    Lordy, but that's some cute business.
  • You Lookin’ At Me? 5 of 24
    You Lookin' At Me?
    The look: watermelon. Scrambled eggs. STAT.
  • Little Charmer 6 of 24
    Little Charmer
    As if you could disagree.
  • Just Chillin’ 7 of 24
    Just Chillin'
    Cold water in a silicone sippy = happy baby. Momentary, but still.
  • Cabana Naps 8 of 24
    Cabana Naps
    Like a pro.
  • Niblets 9 of 24
    With a side of margarita. Because that's what a momma does when in a cabana on the beach whilst their teething baby FINALLY naps. Times 2.
  • The Pudge 10 of 24
    The Pudge
    Sweet and ripe for the nuzzling.
  • Perfection 11 of 24
    Darling and peaceful, if for but a brief reprieve from all that is teeth cutting.
  • These Hands Are Small 12 of 24
    These Hands Are Small
    But mighty. They can destroy and conquer entire homes in mere moments.
  • Tender Moment… 13 of 24
    Tender Moment...
  • Guacamole, Baby 14 of 24
    Guacamole, Baby
    It's my vice.
  • Teething, It Sucks 15 of 24
    Teething, It Sucks
    Ya feel me?
  • Abby’s Admirers 16 of 24
    Abby's Admirers
    The girls, they flocked to her, and she to them.
  • Posers 17 of 24
    C'mon. You know these two have me wrapped.
  • Flirts 18 of 24
    My girl is a first rate pro. (At the flirting).
  • Teething Baby Does Wedding Rehearsal Dinner 19 of 24
    Teething Baby Does Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
    Please excuse the hairy chest.
  • Another Admirer 20 of 24
    Another Admirer
    Everyone felt so bad for the sick and teething baby, none-so-much as her new friend Jason though, aka: The Baby Whisperer.
  • Super Baby 21 of 24
    Super Baby
    & her dad. Just trying to keep the teething baby amused.
  • Exploring The Playroom 22 of 24
    Exploring The Playroom
    Essentially, the playroom at this resort was baby and toddler bliss.
  • Fisher Price… 23 of 24
    Fisher Price...
    rocked our world.
  • Babyzilla 24 of 24
    Ruffle Butt Ahoy!

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