10 Must-Have Items To Get Your Baby Through Cold Season

10 Mut-Have Items To Get Your Baby Through Cold SeasonHaving a sick baby sucks. I should know, because I’m home with one right now.

No matter how much you try to avoid illness, it comes with the parenting territory — especially during the winter cold season.

But just because you can’t always prevent your baby from getting sick, doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for when it happens. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite, must-have items that are helping us to get Fern through this yucky cold season. (*Note: I am obviously not a medical professional, but these are things that we like and use. You should always consult your child’s pediatrician before blindly following internet advice, but you probably already knew that.)

  • Sniffle Support Herbal Drops 1 of 10
    Sniffle Support Herbal Drops
    I give Fern these drops when she has a runny or stuffy nose, because they help to normalize mucus production and support the upper respiratory system. They alson contain immune boosting elderberry.
    Purchase for $12.99 from Gaia Herbs
  • NoseFrida 2 of 10
    If you don't have one of these yet, then you need one stat. This is hands down one of the most useful baby products I've ever purchased. I actually give them as baby shower gifts, because they're that awesome. New moms always think it's an odd gift, but once they have to deal with baby snot and they see how lame bulb syringes are, they realize what an awesome gift this is. It will seriously make your life so much better when you have a snotty nosed baby.
    Purchase for $15.99 from
  • Boogie Wipes 3 of 10
    Boogie Wipes
    I will admit that I made fun of this mercilessly before becoming a mom - I even included them in a blog post about the most pointless baby products ever. Not I am eating my words. I figured these couldn't really be any different than regular old baby wipes, but then my mom bought a pack of these for Fern and they were awesome. She H-A-T-E-S having her nose wiped, but these make nose wiping a little more bearable, because they're soft and super helpful for an extra crusty nose. I go with unscented, but I know some moms swear their kids prefer the grape scented ones. Hey...whatever works.
    Purchase for $4.00 from
  • Thermometer 4 of 10
    You don't want to be experiencing a first fever without having a thermometer on hand. I just use the simple digital thermometer that came in my Red Cross baby first aid kit and it works fine, but you can get something a little fancier if you like. When I was a preschool teacher though, I always found the Red Cross thermometers to be the most accurate though - even compared to the fancy pants ones we had.
    Purchase for $28.89 from Target
  • Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups 5 of 10
    Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups
    Staying hydrated is essential for a sick little one, so make sure to give them plenty of fluids (obviously if they are under 6 months, just stick with formula and/or breast milk per your doctor's recommendation). These Tommee Tippee cups are seriously the only sippy cups I've found that are truly leak-proof and I have an entire cupboard full of unused sippys to prove it. These will make staying hydrated a lot less messier for both of you.
    Purchase for $17.99 for 2 from Amazon
  • Baby Carrot Herbal Chest Rub 6 of 10
    Baby Carrot Herbal Chest Rub
    A little dab of this stuff under the nose will help clear up a congested babe and I have a friend who swears by putting it on the soles of her little's feet at bed time and then covering with socks to help with a nagging cough. Worth a try. (For babies 6+ months).
    Purchase for $5.99 from Wild Carrot Herbals
  • Vitamin D3 Drops 7 of 10
    Vitamin D3 Drops
    If you aren't already giving your baby vitamin D drops, you should ask your pediatrician about them. Getting enough of this vitamin is important for babies in general, but especially important when they are trying to fight off a nasty cold.
    Purchase for $5.49 from Vitacost
  • Food Pouches 8 of 10
    Food Pouches
    Sometimes when Fern is sick, the only thing I can get her to eat are food pouches. I'm not sure why, but I just go with it. It's especially useful to keep some prunes on hand, because of constipation issues that can sometimes go along with an illness. I can't get her to drink prune juice, so this stuff is great. And just FYI, they're currently on sale (10 for $10) at Babies R Us - in store at least.
    Purchase for $1.59 from Babies R Us
  • Coconut Oil 9 of 10
    Coconut Oil
    With runny noses, comes chapped and irritated skin, so I use coconut oil to dab around Fern's nose and on her cheeks when they're getting dried out and chapped form the onslaught of snot.
    Purchase for $15.99 from Amazon
  • Fever Reducer 10 of 10
    Fever Reducer
    A fever is one of the body's ways of getting rid of illness, so I try to let it go if I can, but obviously a fever that is too high isn't safe, so I keep some fever reducer on hand just in case and we've only had to use it once. My doctor recommended not giving any until her fever reached 102, but other doctors may have different recommendations. This is the brand my doctor recommends, and calculated a dosage for me based on Fern's weight, so make sure to check in with a professional before just giving this to your little one.
    Purchase for $5.49 from

Do you have any favorites to help your baby out during cold season? 


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