10 Nasty Things Your Baby Wants To Suck On

Paul has recently found his hands, fists and fingers. They are so fun!

He stares at them, waves them around in front of his face, and of course puts them in his mouth. His new favorite activity is sucking on his pointer finger. Apparently, it taste sooooo good.

But if he loves to suck on his fingers, I bet he’ll love to suck on other things as well. Paul is my fourth baby, and over the last 8 years, I’ve learned the hard way about all the super disgusting things that can potentially find their way into a newly on the move baby.

10 Nasty things babies love to put in their mouth:

  • Grocery store cart handles 1 of 10
    Grocery store cart handles
    I used to think those fabric cart cover things were silly looking, and then I became a mother. There's nothing more gross than finding your adorable baby sucking on a germ infested cart handle.
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  • Toothbrushes 2 of 10
    Toothbrushes are not communal property.
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  • Other babies pacifiers 3 of 10
    Other babies pacifiers
    Sharing is good, assuming it's not your BFF's pacifier or bottle.
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  • Dog toys and bones 4 of 10
    Dog toys and bones
    It only took one time finding my baby sucking on a slimy dog bone to never buy my dog a toy again. Sorry dog, but the baby just trumped you.
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  • Kitty Cookies 5 of 10
    Kitty Cookies
    Finding your baby "playing in the kitty sand" is one of the grossest things on the planet. Realizing he's sucking on a special kitty cookie? Vomit inducing.
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  • Restaurant Highchairs 6 of 10
    Restaurant Highchairs
    Just because you have a baby doesn't mean you need to stop going out to eat. Word to the wise? Pack the sanitizing wipes, restaurant highchairs are nasty.
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  • Toilet bowl brushes 7 of 10
    Toilet bowl brushes
    So you think it's safe to sneak a shower in while the baby plays in the bathroom? Make sure to put the toilet bowl wand out of site.
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  • Cell phones 8 of 10
    Cell phones
    Until there is an app for keeping germs off cell phones, they will not be chewed on by my babies.
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  • Dirty Shoes 9 of 10
    Dirty Shoes
    Dirty sneakers that have been who no's where are not teething toys. Barf.
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  • Coins 10 of 10
    Besides being a serious choking hazard, coin are just plain nasty dirty.
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So what did I miss? Once your baby became mobile, what nasty little nuggets did your baby bring to his lips?
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