10 On-The-Go Summer Essentials for Baby

Living in the city, we are always on the go. Being cooped up in a small apartment with two little ones can make everyone go a bit stir crazy, so I try to take the girls out as often as possible. Unfortunately with the summer heat, it makes walking everywhere we go a little bit tough. I always keep the health and safety of the girls my upmost importance and want to make sure they have all of the necessary items while we are out and about. I want to make sure that they stay cool, hydrated, and protected from the sun.

There are several items that I always make sure to pack with me before we go outside for the day. Check out my on-the-go summer essentials for your baby.

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  • Water Spray Fan 2 of 11

    I don't know why this is the first summer that I thought of this, but it's been one of my brightest ideas. Both girls have a spray fan that I keep with us in the stroller. They know how to press the button to turn it on and every once in a while I will mist them with the water. It is easy to put in my diaper bag so that we can take it with us to the playground or to the park. It's been a summer essential for the entire family.

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  • Swim Diaper 3 of 11

    I keep this swim diaper for Avery in my diaper bag for those "just in case" moments. We frequent  the playground a lot during the summer and they have sprinklers that are on all the time that the kids love to run through. I love that this swim diaper can be washed and reused. As soon as I get it out of the washer, I put it back in my diaper bag. It's not big or bulky and takes up minimal space in my bag.

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  • Frozen Pouches 4 of 11

    The girls love pouches and they also love popsicles. I freeze these pouches and then grab them on my way out of the door before we head outside. They melt into a slush form when we are out in the hot weather and make a nice cold refreshing treat for the girls.

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  • Sunscreen 5 of 11

    Avery has very fair skin and burns very easily. I always apply sunscreen on her before we leave to go outside and then apply it frequently while we are out. We spend so much time in the sun and I don't want to ever risk her getting burned. 

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  • Insulated Sippy Cup 6 of 11

    I make sure to keep Avery cool and hydrated when we are out. Most of her sippy cups don't keep her water cold for a long period of time, especially while we are out in the sun. I love this insulated cup because with a couple of ice cubes, it will keep her water cold for an extended time.

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  • Stroller Sun Shade 7 of 11

    This stroller shade gives Avery just the extra amount of protection she needs from the sun. She spends a lot of time in her stroller and I want to make sure her entire body is protected from the sun's rays. This shade attaches to nearly every stroller and is great in giving added protection.

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  • Stroller Clip-on Fan 8 of 11

    This has been a must have whenever we go anywhere in our stroller (which is practically everywhere.) It's battery operated and is turned on the second that we go outside. The weather here has been unbelievably hot lately and is crucial in making sure that Avery stays cool. 

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  • Travel Carrier 9 of 11

    I absolutely love this carrier. Not only does it fold up into a easy to carry small bag, but it's super light weight and makes it much cooler to wear Avery when it's hot outside. 

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  • Sun Hat 10 of 11

    Avery isn't a huge fan of keeping hats on, but with a handy strap underneath it makes it a little bit harder for her to take off. I put this on her whenever she is out of her stroller and directly in the sun. It keeps her face and her bald head protected from the sun's rays.

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  • Wet Bag 11 of 11

    Because our schedule during the summer is unpredictable, I always keep this wet bag on me. Both girls love getting in the water and I hate having to take a wet swimsuit off and just put it in my diaper bag. This bag helps keep everything else dry until I get home. 

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