10 Onesies Your Baby Will Wear All Summer

Hot weather doesn’t happen very often where I live in Portland Oregon, so having a streak of warm weather these past couple of weeks has had me changing the way I dress my baby. My favorite thing to dress her in? Onesies. I love dressing Fern up in cute, little, coordinated outfits, but there’s something about a baby in a onesie that gets me every time.

As such she’s pretty much been living in little bodysuits (or in her birthday suit) when we hang out at home. All this time spent in onesies had me thinking about other cute onesies out there, so I rounded up some of my favorites.

10 Onesies Your Baby Will Wear All Summer – after the jump!

  • Arrows Organic Onesie 1 of 10
    Arrows Organic Onesie
    Arrows are on trend and I love the simple organic quality of this onesie. This is definitely something I could see my baby living in.
    Onesie ($21.50) from Eleventy-Five on Etsy
  • Mini Rodini Body Wing Giraffe 2 of 10
    Mini Rodini Body Wing Giraffe
    This modern take on giraffe print paired with the wing sleeve is killing me with cuteness!
    Onesie (£27) from Hoboken Kids
  • Ribbon in the Sky Onesie 3 of 10
    Ribbon in the Sky Onesie
    A sweet ribbon adds a bit of pretty to a simple yellow onesie.
    Onesie ($24.99) from Ruche Kids
  • Infant Knit Tank One-Piece 4 of 10
    Infant Knit Tank One-Piece
    All babies look good in stripes and when those stripes are on a sleeveless onesie to show off those cute little baby arm rolls, so much the better.
    Onesie ($12.00) from American Apparel
  • Bunting Onesie Bodysuit 5 of 10
    Bunting Onesie Bodysuit
    I'm a sucker for bunting - and it's super adorable on a onesie.
    Onesie ($12.00) from Hope Handmade on Etsy
  • Petit Bateau Sleeveless Onesie Set 6 of 10
    Petit Bateau Sleeveless Onesie Set
    Simple tanks to survive the summer heat in style.
    Onesies ($26.95) from
  • Puff Sleeve Daisy Bodysuit 7 of 10
    Puff Sleeve Daisy Bodysuit
    Green and white and perfectly summery.
    Onesie ($12.95) from Gap Kids
  • Bobo Choses Lollipop 8 of 10
    Bobo Choses Lollipop
    This would be so cute on a girl or a boy - bright stripes and the classic Bobo Choses illustration style make this a winner.
    Onesie (€19,60) from Bobo Choses
  • Bonton Tank Body Suit 9 of 10
    Bonton Tank Body Suit
    This is simple and delicate, but oh-so-perfect.
    Onesie (£14.50) from Elias & Grace
  • Vintage Birds and Roses Onesie 10 of 10
    Vintage Birds and Roses Onesie
    A dash of pretty vintage flair for a little lady.
    Onesie ($12.00) from ChiTown Boutique on Etsy

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